Sixteenth General Meeting of the Cameronians in 1698

16 General Meeting at Friarminnan, 29 July, 1698.

William Stuart in Galloway ‘is allowed to frequent the [general] meeting as formerly’.

The committee was elected:
Sir Robert Hamilton.
Mr. James Kid [for the Lothians].
Mr. Charles Umpherston [in Pentland].
John Robson.
James Cran [for Lanarkshire].
Robert Hamilton [for Lanarkshire].
John Muirhead. [Who knew Peden and Patrick Walker?]
Robert Maxwell [for Renfrewshire].
Robert Speirs [in Bo’ness]
John Glover [perhaps from Barrshill, Tinwald parish?]
John Hanlon[?] [for Lanarkshire].
James Hewitson [perhaps from Closeburn parish?].

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