Tenth General Meeting of the Cameronians in 1696 #History #Scotland

Douglas Water above Parish Holm

Somewhere on the Douglas Water in Douglas parish, Lanarkshire, the Cameronians held their tenth post-Revolution general meeting.

Where exactly the meeting took place by the Douglas Water is not clear. The lack of a precise placename may suggest that is was held towards the source of the Douglas Water, above Parish Holm and below Cairn Table and Little Cairn Table. Cairn Table was also a site used by the Society people.

Map of Douglas Water

If that was the location, then it may have been evocative for “Sir” Robert Hamilton, who attended, as he had hid in ‘a cave’ at the head of the Douglas Water in 1679.

10 General Meeting at Douglas Water, 20 May, 1696.
‘For preventing these snares of the Coatmure folk it is desired from all quarters information come with suficent probation of their principles and practices’ to the next General Meeting. And that ‘none of their pappers be received or taken from them by any in Society and as to an eronious lying railing phamplet that came to our hands, it is ordered to be burnt in the face of the present Gen[eral] Meeting without delay.’

Letter to be drawn up to be sent to friends in Eskdale ‘in order for conference that it may be cleared what is dark to them as to the state of the sed Testimony and obviating mistakes’. Sir Robert Hamilton, Mr Robert Smith, John Bell [in Tinwald], James Dykes and John Robson were to confer with Eskdale.

More dealings on removing the suspension on Robert Speirs in Bo’ness.

‘That business’ of John Mathieson in Closeburn parish was ‘concluded’ and account to be brought to the next meeting.

Members of the Committee were elected:
Charles Umpherston [in Pentland], for Edinburghshire.
Mr Robert Smith and Robert Hamilton, for the General Meeting.
Robert Currie, for Nithsdale.
John Clark, for Galloway.
John Wilson, for Ayrshire.
James Biggar, [in Eastwood parish] for Renfrewshire.
John Muir, for Lanarkshire.

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Photograph of Douglas Water above Parish Holm © Chris Wimbush and licensed for reuse.


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