Peden’s Prophecies in The Ravished Maid in the Wilderness (1708) #History #Scotland

Peden Eyes

The Cotmuir Folk published what they alleged were four prophecies of Alexander Peden in their pamphlet, The Ravished Maid in the Wilderness, Or, A True Account of the Raise, Causes, and Continuuance of the Deference between A Suffering Party of Presbyterians, Commonly Called Cotmure Folk, ond these that Follows Mr John MackMillan, Commonly called Mountain Men (1708).

Sadly, only two of them survive in the original, as the end of the pamphlet is lost in the copy in the NLS.

‘Thirdly he said they should ly in caves of the earth, and be fed with meat and drink, and they should look out of their hol[e]s and then they should look like those that had not tasted meat and drink, and yet they should not have freedom for stumbling on dead corps.

Fourthly, he said, that the ston[e] out of the mountain should come down, and God should be avenged on the great ones of the earth, and the inhabitants of the land, for their wickedness, but the Church should come forth with a bonnie bairn time at their back of young ones, his desire was that everie on[e] should ly close as if they were not in the world, and so hid and shut up themselves for nothing will do it till once the Lord, appeared with his judgements. About two hours after this he departed his life [in 1686].’

For the above information and transcriptions, I am completely indebted to Janette Currie, ‘History, Hagiography, and Fakestory: Representations of the Scottish Covenanters in Non-Fictional and Fictional Texts from 1638 to 1835’, 80 & 80n.)

Although the other two prophecies are missing in the Ravished Maid, they were later printed in Walker’s life of Peden. (See Walker, BP, I, 82.)

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