First General Meeting of the Cameronians in 1693 #History #Scotland


In 1995, a set of manuscript minutes from the general meetings of the post-Revolution Society people were discovered in the roof space of the manse in Penpont parish in Nithsdale. They offer a unique glimpse into who the Society people were between 1693 and 1719 and what they decided. Those Society people who rejected the authority of the Church and State were often collectively known as the ‘Cameronians’. From the end of 1706, they were also known as the McMillanites.

The manuscript, headed the ‘Minutes of the proceedings and conclusions of the General Meeting of the Witnessing Remnant of the Presbyterians in Scotland, as the same are contained in their Register faithfully coppyed out’, was transcribed by John Crocket of the Scottish Covenanter Memorials Association and typed up by other hands for publication in 1998.

As the published version is a typed copy of a transcription of a far earlier copy of minutes originally drafted in the 1690s, it is unsurprising that it appears to contain some minor transcription errors. Without reviewing the original document held by Ewart Library in Dumfries, it is difficult to check any minor errors. What follows are my notes on the published version. In them, I attempt to identify some of the people named in the minutes and give occasional transcriptions of selected passages of interest. Copies of the full minutes can be obtained from the SCMA.

01 General Meeting at _____, 8 February, 1693.
Mentions a delegate from the ‘town of Glasgow’ and societies in Galloway, Nithsdale, Eskdale and Lanarkshire.

The Galloway societies ‘reported to the meeting there mind anent Mr David Houston which being voted on was refered to the judgment of the Several Societies and those Brethren in Prison’.

James Dyke’s ‘business’ was ‘much spoken to’, but left undecided due to his ‘obstancye’. [‘James Dykes’ was probably James Dykes in Evandale parish or perhaps James Dick.]

Letter received from ‘some friend’ in Carmichael parish, Lanarkshire.

‘A protestation of William Stuart in Galloway’ was approved. [William Stuart was a delegate for Galloway in 1689.]

‘The Conclusion of the General Meeting anent Gavin Witherspoon [in Heatheryknowe, Old Monkland parish] the paying of fines and locality and ouning of head courts being all sins and Publick scandall and grounds of separation found with severall other offences cannot be justified…’. Until he gave satisfaction, he was to be separated from.

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