Vandalism of a Covenanter’s Grave in 1714 #History #Scotland

John Mathieson Grave Closeburn

The grave of John Mathieson that mentions John Kirkpatrick

“With reference to the sacrilegious destruction of the first tombstone erected over John Mathison’s grave, the following copy of a letter sent by the “General Meeting of the Societies,” that managed the affairs of the community who still adhered to the Covenanting Faith [in 1714], is still interesting:

“Mr. [John] Kirkpatrick [in Barburgh head],

We have received information from our friends in Nithsdale how you retaining your old malignity and enmity against the people of God have in pursuance there of adventured to run the risque of meddling with the monument of the dead, demolishing and breaking the gravestone of a sufferer for the cause of Christ which is highly criminal in the eyes of the law, and is more than your neck is worth, and deserves just severity as bringing to remembrance your old hatred, and the hand you had in his sufferings. And now ye seem to be longing for a visit for your old murthering actions, which if you would evite, we straitly charge and command you, upon your perill to repair that stone, by laying one upon the grave, fully as good as the former with the same precise motto as well engraven, and that you perform the work with all expedition, and if it be not done against May day first [1714], which is a sufficient time, we promise to pay you a visit, perhaps to your cost, and if you oblige us which to assure yourself that your old deeds will be remembered to purpose which to assure you of we have ordered this to be written in presence of our correspondence at Crawford-John, March 1, 1714, and subscribed in our name by Hu[gh]. Clerk, c[ler]k.” (Watson, Closeburn (Dumfriesshire) Reminiscent, Historic & Traditional (1901), 263-4.)

Kirkpartrick lived at Barburgh head, which lay near Barburgh Mill.

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