The McMillanites in Hoddom parish #History #Scotland #Ecclefechan

The records of the McMillanites, a fragment of the Society people that rejected the Revolution Settlement of 1689 to 1690, in Hoddam parish, Annandale, links them to a lost farm and Lourin Meg, a rock where field preachings are said to have been conducted.


‘At Pellethill’, Hoddom parish, Dumfriesshire, 6 October, 1707.
Aka ‘Pollet Hill’ or ‘Pallet Hill’. Pellethill lay between Hoddomtown and the bridge over the Annan.

Map of former location of Pellethill

Approximately here:

‘were married by the foresaid minister [John McMillan]: —
George Henderson [in Hoddom parish?] and Mary Glover;
Christopher Calvert [in Hoddom parish] and Janet Bell;
James Carsell and Agnes Graham.’

[Near Hoddom parish?, Dumfriesshire,] 5 May, 1708.
‘were baptized by the Rev. Mr. John M’Millan:—
Andrew Wells in Kilpatrick Juxta, his daughter Rebecka;
and on the next day [6 May], John Stinston, rather Stevenson, in the parish of Hoddam, his daughter Mary.’

At [Hoddom parish], 12 January, 1709.
‘To George Henderson in [parish of] Hoddam a [eldest] son called James, born October, 1708.
To Christopher Calvert a [eldest] daughter called Jean.’
‘was baptized ab eodem ministro Evangelii:—James Knox in Cummertrees, his daughter Mary.’

Eskdale, Dumfriesshire, 5-6 December, 1709.

‘Eskdale, December 5 and 6, 1709—baptised 27.’

At Ecclefechan, [Hoddom parish, Dumfriesshire] 1 February, 1711.
Map of Ecclefechan

‘William Mattheson in Middlebie [or Lochmaben] had a daughter baptiz’d called Jonet.
Archibald Grieve in the parish of Lochmaben had a son baptiz’d Robert [born February 20, 1710].’
‘[was baptized]
George Henderson in Hoddam had a daughter named Jonet [or Janet], born December 1, 1710 [or 1711].’

Lourin MegLourin Meg

‘At Coldoons’, i.e., Cowdens, St Mungo parish, Dumfriesshire, 12 August, 1711.
Cowdens lies in the eastern spur St Mungo parish, Dumfriesshire, that protrudes into Hoddom parish. Today it lies on the east side of the M74. Nearby to the east is ‘Lourin Meg’, in Hoddom parish, a stone where the ‘Covenanters and early Dissenters preached’.

Map of Cowdens

‘John Stevenson [or Stinson, weaver] in Hoddam had a son named John.’

At Coldoons, i.e., Cowdens, St Mungo parish, Dumfriesshire, 4 May, 1712.
‘Andrew Wells in Kilpatrick Juxta, his son Joseph, aged 3 months;
David Jarden [in Applegirth] and Marion Laidly in Hutton parish, their son David, aged 18 weeks;
James Knox [in Cummertrees] and Marion Rodick their son David aged 6 months;
John Rodick [in Cummertrees] and Jean Bell their daughter Helen, aged one month.’

On the following day, McMillan was at Pellethill:

At Pellethill, Hoddam parish, Dumfriesshire, 5 May, 1712.
‘were married,
James Harkness and Agnes Stoddart;
Robert Walker and Margaret Frizell;
Alexander Henrie and Margaret Thomson;
William Black and Janet Bell;—John Bell caution for all.’

‘At Coldens’, i.e., Cowdens, St Mungo parish, Dumfriesshire, 17 August, 1712.
aka ‘Coldoons’. A double entry in original.
‘on the Lord’s Day were baptized,
John Forsyth and Bessie Smellie in Hoddam their son, Jacob, aged 1 month;
James M’Vitie and Margaret Aitken in Garrell parish their son James, 6 months;
John Mundell and Jean R in Torthorwald parish their daughter Mary, aged [?]’

For more on the Millanites, see here.

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7 Responses to “The McMillanites in Hoddom parish #History #Scotland #Ecclefechan”

  1. my ancestors john calvert b 1740 buried at hoddom and Thomas calvert b 1766 and john calvert b 1795 cannot connect to Christopher Calvert married janet bell 1707 seems to be missing generation

  2. Fascinating history. My family links back to Hoddom and Dalton. Would Pellet Hill have been a farm name rather than a settlement?

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