A Witness to the Execution of Richard ‘Hannibal’ Rumbold in 1685 #History #Scotland

Rumbold Executed

William Maxwell of Cardoness recorded the brutal execution of one of Argyll’s men, Richard ‘Hannibal’ Rumbold, a Cromwellian veteran and renowned plotter against Charles II, in Edinburgh.

Under 26 June, 1685, he notes:

‘But I must say, many causes of grief and sorrow renewed to me, as yesterday hearing of the death of my dear relation, to-day being witness of the sufferings of [Richard] Rumbold, who was used as a heathen, and not as a Christian, for appearing for the Protestant interest with those who here lately appeared [in the Argyll Rising]. Truly this cannot, on the one hand, but be ground of grief and sorrow, to see such a valiant and courageous man so used, but on the other, ground of comfort that the Lord did so wonderfully carry him through from fainting (notwithstanding of the sad sentence), giving him courage and cheerfulness in the cause : declaring he did not neither durst repent for it, but on the contrair that if all the hair of his head were men, he would venture them all for the cause ; saying also that Christ would appear shortly (yea, some of us there should see it) against His enemies and rule the nations with a rod of iron.

At which these cruel time-servers caused beat the drums: a thing abominable, not to suffer one who was on the brink of eternity to speak their mind. Then praying (being once stopped by the drums beating) with great assurance, forgiving all men, he was barbarously used according to his unjust sentence this same day, which also evidences their cruelty.’ (Reid (ed.), One of King William’s Men, 71-2.)

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