The Sixth Convention of the Society people at Edinburgh, 10 January, 1683 #History #Scotland

Nor Loch Edinburgh 1690

The sixth convention of the Society people secretly met somewhere in Edinburgh in January, 1683:

‘a General Meeting [i.e., the sixth convention] did conveen at Edinburgh upon the 10th of January, 1683. Prayer being ended, and the meeting modelled after the wonted manner; they approved of what was concluded at the last meeting [i.e., the fifth convention in October,, 1682].

1st, It was concluded, that John Smith [of the Glasgow societies] should draw up the call to the ministers, and present the same to the next meeting. The occasion of this resolution was, according to the desire of the last meeting: each of the three young men drew up a paper, and two of them going abroad [i.e., John Flint and William Boyd], left theirs before they took voyage: and the other was present at the meeting [i.e., at the sixth convention]. After all the three papers were read, and serious consideration about the same, none of them was thought fit to give in by itself. So it was concluded that John Smith should draw one out of all the three, and to present the same to the next meeting [i..e, the seventh convention in February] to be by them considered.

Next, the meeting having received the collections from the several societies, destributed the same according to the necessities of some families, and others in need. And appointed receipts for the fame to be brought to the next meeting.

Likewise, it was concluded, that the 25th of that instant [i.e., 25 January, 1683] be observed by the societies as a day of prayer unto the Lord, blessing him for their preservation at the time (which was no small mercy, having met as it were in the midst of their enemies [in Edinburgh], and parted in safety,) and also for seeking counsel and direction for managing matters at the next meeting. Which in particular was the resolving upon the call to the ministers, which was looked upon by them as no small business:

And the next [>p49.] meeting [i.e, the seventh convention] was appointed to meet at the Myres [in Eaglesham parish, Renfrewshire], upon the 14th of February, 1683.’ (Shields, FCD, 48-9.)

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