The Lost Covenanters’ Graves at Whitekirk, East Lothian #History

Whitekirk Hill

Tradition records the alleged burial site of two Covenanters on Whitekirk Hill:

‘A large pile of stones on the summit of Whitekirk Hill, on which the trig station is fixed. This is said to mark the burial place of two Covenanters who were killed by some soldiers from the garrison at the Bass in 1670-80’. (OS Name Book)

Map of Whitekirk Hill

Near alleged Covenanters' Graves on Whitekirk Hill

Trig Point near alleged Covenanters’ grave on Whtekirk Hill © Richard Webb and licensed for reuse.

‘In May 1678 a conventicle of 1000 people assembled on Whitekirk Hill, and were attacked by the garrison from the Bass. In 1826 two Covenanters’ graves were still marked on the hill. ‘They were indicated by heaps of stones, since removed to build field dykes. The site of the martyrs’ graves is now unknown.’ (C E Green in 1907.)

The trig point on the hill now lies amid Whitekirk Golf Course.

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