The Lost Starryshaw Monument to the Covenanters #History

In 1926, ‘several thousands’ attended the dedication of the Starryshaw Memorial to the Covenanters. Mrs Kerr, proprietorix of Starryshaw, had gifted the site.

Starryshaw Monument

The modern Starryshaw Monument.

Sadly, the original monument was destroyed, but a description of it appears in a report from 1926. Here is a shortened version of the full report in the Glasgow Herald:



Yesterday, almost 250 yeas after the event commemorated, there was unveiled near the Deer Slunk, on the farm of Starryshaw, Shotts, a memorial to the men of the Covenant. The memorial has been erected by purely voluntary labour, the only cost involved being the material required and the inscription on the plaque. It stands near the Deer Slunk, where Richard Cameron’s funeral sermon was preached by Donald Cargill on 21 July [actually on 25 July], 1681.

The memorial is in the form of a watch tower. Designed by Mr. R. Brown, the secretary of the Shotts Covenanters’ Commemoration Committee, it is built of brick, and is faced with marble chips set in cement. Underneath the cross of St Andrew is the granite plaque bearing the the inscription–“Dedicated to the men of the Covenant. Near this spot, where the Covenanter worshipped, Richard Cameron ‘s funeral sermon was preached by Donald Cargill on 21, July, 1681, from the text, ‘Know ye not that there is prince and a great man fallen this day in Israel’– 2nd Samuel, III, 38. Starryshaw, 1926.”’



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