The Scottish Parliament of 1685 and Repression in the Whig Heartlands #History

Charles II as Caesar

Parliament began sitting in Edinburgh on 23 April, 1685, and ended on 16 June. During that time, it sat on 14 occasions. It took place against the backdrop of the crisis over the Argyll Rising.

Several military officers involved in the repression of presbyterian dissent were elected as shire representatives:
General Thomas Dalziel of Binns (Linlithgowshire)
Lieutenant-General William Drummond of Cromlix (Perthshire)
Colonel James Douglas of Skirling (Peeblesshire)
Captain John Wedderburn of Gosford (Haddingtonshire)

Their attendance was probably sporadic at best, as the their pressing military duties in the second Highland Host and the Argyll Rising obviously demanded their attention.

Scottish Parliament

Among those who took part in the riding of the new parliament and sat in it were several others who had taken part in the repression of Presbyterian dissent. However, it was in the western shires, where militant dissent was at its strongest, that those who were party to the repression were most numerous.

William Douglas, duke of Hamilton (Nobles)
James Douglas, marquis of Douglas (Nobles)
John Dalzell, earl of Carnwath (Nobles)
John Hamilton, lord Belhaven (Nobles)
Alexander Stewart, lord Blantyre (Nobles)
Sir George Lockhart of Carnwath (Shire)
Cromwell Lockhart of Lee (Shire)
John Johnston of Clauchrie (Burgh of Glasgow)
James Weir (Burgh of Lanark)

John Cunningham, earl of Glencairn (Nobles)
William Ross, lord Ross (Nobles)
William Hamilton, laird of Orbiston (Shire)
John Houston, laird of Houston, younger (Shire)
Robert Hall of Fulbar (Burgh of Renfrew)

Alexander Montgomery, earl of Eglinton (Nobles)
John Hamilton, lord Bargany (Nobles)
William Blair, laird of Blair (Shire)
Robert Hunter (Burgh of Ayr)

William Stewart of Castle Stewart (Shire) [See Lady Castle Stewart]
Sir Andrew Agnew of Lochnaw (Shire)
William Coltrane of Drummorall (Burgh of Wigtown)
David Forrester (Burgh of Whithorn)
Patrick Paterson (Burgh of Stranraer)

Alexander Gordon, viscount of Kenmure (Nobles)
Hugh Wallace of Ingliston (Shire)
Henry Muir (Burgh of Kirkcudbright)
Robert Alexander (Burgh of New Galloway)

William Johnston, earl of Annandale (Nobles)
William Crichton, earl of Dumfries (Nobles)
Sir Robert Dalziel of Glenae (Shire)
Sir Robert Grierson of Lag (Shire)
William Fingask (Burgh of Dumfries)
Bryce Blair (Burgh of Annan)
Thomas Kennedy of Halleaths (Burgh of Lochmaben)
Robert Carmichael of Corp (Burgh of Sanquhar)

Parliament passed several acts against Presbyterian dissent.

28 April.
Declaration of King’s Absolute Authority 28 April. (RPS, 1685/4/16.)

6 May.
Act concerning citations in processes for treason. (RPS, 1685/4/20.)
Act concerning witnesses in processes for treason. (RPS, 1685/4/21.)
Act declaring it treason to take or owne the covenants. (RPS, 1685/4/22.)
Act obliging husbands to be lyable for their wives’ fynes. (RPS, 1685/4/23.)

8 May.
Act against preachers at conventicles and hearers at field conventicles. (RPS, 1685/4/28.)
Act concerning judicial confessions before the commissioners of justiciary. (RPS, 1685/4/30.)

13 May.
Act of Supply. (RPS, 1685/4/33.)
Act for taking the Test. (RPS, 1685/4/34.)
Act anent justices of the peace. (RPS, 1685/4/37.)

22 May.
Act for taking the oath of allegiance. (RPS, 1685/4/44.)

2 June.
Act ratifying the opinion of the lords of session anent those who refuse to depone anent the late treasonable proclamation  [i.e., the Societies’ Apologetical Declaration Against Intelligencers of November, 1684]. (RPS, 1685/4/52.)

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