In the Steps of the Covenanters (STV 1990) #History

In the Steps of the Covenanters (STV 1990)

‘In the Steps of the Covenanters’ is not a history documentary on the Covenanters of the 1680s, as it mainly highlights how the Covenanters and the KillingTimes were remembered. I did rather enjoy the preaching of the Reverend Sinclair Horne of the Scottish Reformation Society that forms the core of the programme.

It begins with psalm singing at the Darmead Monument in Cambusnethan parish, Lanarkshire.

Near the end of the first part and the beginning of the second part, the Rev. Sinclair Horne uses Richard Cameron’s sermon at Hynd’s Bottom.

There is then a visit to Fenwick parish church where relics of Captain John Paton of Meadowhead are displayed.

It uses helicopter shots of the Drumclog and mentions Thomas Douglas and John Graham of Claverhouse.

A further preaching is held at the Peden Stone at Benhar in Shotts parish.

At Newmilns, the capture of prisoners at Little Blackwood and the raid on the Ducat Tower are discussed, that led to the death of John Law in April, 1685.

The battle of Airds Moss is often mentioned, as is Richard Cameron’s death.

Another preaching is held at Sorn parish church, which mentions Alexander Peden and the last martyr, George Wood.

At Sorn, the minister mentions the so-called “Childrens’ Covenant”, which can be found here in Hewison, uses one of Peden’s sermons preached at Glenluce in 1682, and alludes to the Sanquhar Declaration of 1680.

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  1. Cambusnethan list of elders

    See this page for full extract

    Extracts from the “History of the United Associate Congregation Of Cambusnethan” — published 1843. The first Church of this congregation was the “Moirkirk or Muirkirk of Cambusnethan”. Today this Church is in ruins and is more commonly called DURAKIRK. The new Church at Bonkle was built in 1818.

    David Russell, Archibald Prentice, John Clelland and John Smith.

    George Russell

    Became an elder of the established Church on July 18, 1699. (Probably a tenant in Stane). (Footnote P.28). It will scarcely be doubted that his father, and the father of James Prentice, are the persons named in the following passage from Wodrow, 1684. “David Russell, tenant in Stane; Archibald Prentice and John Clelland portioners there; and John Smith, in the same. parish, were apprehended and carried prisoner into Edinburgh, imprisoned for three months and fined one hundred pounds, for …. not raising the hue and cry against these people (Covenanters) when they passed by their houses in coming from the conventicle at Blackloch. George Russell’s son David became an elder in 1765, his son George became a Secession minister at Dalry and later succeeded his father as portioner of Stane. Peter, another son, took over another farm in Stane.

    Please forgive my account title

  2. […] ‘Outlaws For Freedom’ is presented by the Reverend A. Sinclair Horne. He would later present ‘In the Steps of the Covenanters’ for STV in 1990. He was also the coauthor with J. B. Hardie of In the Steps of the Covenanters […]

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