The Devil Appears in a Ship at Newcastle in 1672

Devil Ship

In 1672, the Devil appeared on a ship at Newcastle:

‘Apryle 1672, there was a ship lying at Newcastle, bound for London, called the Good Hope of London, wherein the divill appeared in bodily shape, in the habit of a seaman, with a blew gravatt about his neck, and desired the master of the ship to remove out of her, which he did not obey, till sic time as she began to sink in the ocean. Then he, with his company, took his cog-boat, who were saved by another ship coming by, and that ship fyred and sank. This was testified by the oaths of them that were in her. They could never get the ruther stir’d, nor the use of the pump, an ominous presage. (Law, Memorialls, 46.)

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