The Execution of James Nicol and William Young in Edinburgh in 1684

Hangings Alison and Harvie

John Erskine of Carnock records the execution of James Nicol, from Peebles, and William Young, from near Strathaven, in his journal under 28 August, 1684:

‘Yesterday [James] Nicoll, who was apprehended the 15th instant, at the last execution [of Andrew Clark, Thomas Harkess and Samuel McEwen], for uttering some reflecting expressions anent the three men, and crying to the hangman (who was handling some of the men roughly) — If I had you, sir, you should be put from that, — or some such expression, he had been formerly somewhat too rash in his expressions and carriage, was yesterday executed at Edinburgh. [William Young] was also executed, having on last ——], escaped out of the Cannongate Tolbooth with other ten, he only being apprehended. (Erskine, Journal, 80.)

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4 Responses to “The Execution of James Nicol and William Young in Edinburgh in 1684”

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  2. Is there any more data relative to the James Nicol who was executed? Any family”

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