The Execution of Miller and Pollock in 1685

Bank Rutherglen parish

Lord Fountainhall records the attempts by the privy council to reduce the crowd attending the hanging of Robert Miller and Robert Pollock, two militant Society people, on 23 January, 1685:

‘19 & 20 January 1685. — At the Criminal Court, two men are sentenced to be hanged, for not disouning the late apologeticall Declaration of War; and to cut of the great crouds of people who used to attend them at ther execution, they privatly appointed them to be hanged at the Gallo-lee, on the 23d of Januar[y], at 7 a’cloak in the morning, which was accordingly done.’ (Lauder, Historical Notices, II, 605.)

Robert Miller was from Rutherglen parish, Lanarkshire.

He is almost certainly listed on the published Fugitive Roll of May, 1684, as ‘—– Miller, son to Gavin Miller in Bank’ (Jardine, ‘United Societies’, II, 201.)

Both Wodrow and Cloud of Witnesses describe Miller as a stonemason from Rutherglen parish.

Bank lay on the eastern boundary of Rutherglen parish beside the River Clyde. ‘Bank’ appears on Roy’s map of the 1750s. On the first OS map it appears to have been renamed Rosebank and may have been destroyed by the construction of the Clydesdale Chemical Works, later the Cambuslang Dye Works. Bank probably lay between the eastern side of what is now Somervell Street and the western side of Bridge Street.

Map of Bank

Robert Pollock was from Kilbride parish, which is also in Lanarkshire. He is almost certainly listed on the published Fugitive Roll of May, 1684, as ‘——– Pollock, son to David Pollock in Murray Hill’. (Jardine, ‘United Societies’, II, 198.)

The privy council described Pollock as a shoemaker in Glasgow. Wodrow and Cloud refer to him as from Kilbride parish.

The farm at Murrayhill has vanished, but it lay between what is now Raymond Place and Montreal Park in East Kilbride, which both lie just on the south side of the Queensway.

Map of Murrayhill

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