The Covenanters Attack at Lanark in January, 1684


Lord Fountainhall records for 14 January 1684:

‘A Privy Counfell is called extraordinary, upon a letter written by [Cromwell] Lockhart of Lee to the Chancelor, telling him, that some of the Whigs beside Lanrick had broke in upon a stable wher some of the dragouns horses stood, thinking to have murdered themselfes; but missing them, killed 2 of ther horses; and carried out of the magazin all the straw [that] was laid in for the troupers horses. Wheirupon [Captain Adam Urquhart of] Meldrum was ordered to goe to that country to represse them, leist they should draw to a head.’ (Lauder Historical Notices, II , 481.)
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