The Petition of James Gordon, younger, of Craiglaw in 1682

Lord Fountainhall records for 13 May, 1682:
‘[James] Gordon of Crachelay, (who was forefault for being in the late Rebellion, 1679,) came and gave in a petition to [James] the Duke of York, imploring his clemency and mercy, and promising loyalty. He was receaved into favor.’ (Lauder, Historical Notices, I, 357.)

~ by drmarkjardine on February 7, 2015.

2 Responses to “The Petition of James Gordon, younger, of Craiglaw in 1682”

  1. James Gordon of craiglaw ” younger” was my 6th gg. You may be interested that he fled to wales and gave birth to a son Alexander Gordon “ale seller” born 1688-90 who ended up as burgess, coroner and 4 times mayor of Aberystwyth . He was a sympathiser and had many meetings of non conformists in his yard . He was quite a character and features in “Aberystwyth and its court leet” Ithas taken me many years and a confirmation by genealogist to verify this . Interestingly your surname Jardine also features further back in tree.I would love to know more and find your writing very informative.

    • I would like to apologise and now clarify my ancestor Alexander Gordons parentage. My DNA matches point clearly to him being the son of James Gordon born 1648 Pitlurg son of Robert Gordon and Catherine Burnett . I have many clear matches to this and have found the information I had been given was in fact incorrect. Alexander Gordon however was mayor of Aberystwyth and allowed non conformist services to be held on his premises

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