Richard Cameron’s Connection to an Elite Scottish Merchant in Rotterdam


Richard Cameron’s letter from Edinburgh to Andrew Russell, merchant, in Rotterdam, 30 October, 1679.

I came but this week to this town [i.e., Edinburgh], else I should have sooner by a line signified my sense of the singular kindness you and your wife showed to me in a strange land [i.e., in Rotterdam]. I cannot requite it, but think myself bound to wish you and yours well. Oh what need is there of living nigh God in this so sad a time! I am now straitened and intent to write afterward at more length. My respects to your mother-in-law and Mr Gordon.
I am, Sir, yours much obliged to serve you in the Lord.
R. C.

P.S. You’ll do me the favour as to present my service to Madam Hoselhopie and to deliver the enclosed to our friend [i.e., Robert MacWard]. Be pleased to tell my other intimates as you have occasion that I intend shortly to write to them.’ (Grant, Lion of the Covenant, 315n.)

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One Response to “Richard Cameron’s Connection to an Elite Scottish Merchant in Rotterdam”

  1. […] On 30 October, Cameron wrote with the news to Robert MacWard, the chief ideologue of the militant movement and one of the exiled ministers who had recently ordained him and sent him back to Scotland. He enclosed his letter to MacWard in his letter of the same date to Andrew Russell in Rotterdam. […]

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