The Provost of Rutherglen Forfeited in 1681


Lauder of Fountainhall recorded for 7 November, 1681:

‘[William] Riddell, Provest of Rutherglen, is pershued by David Spence, clerk ther, for accession to the late rebellion at Bothuel Bridge [in 1679]. The Assise returned him guilty only of this one expression, “They are our oune lads,” (for he had a sone and a nephew ther,) “we most not let them want;” so meat was furnished them. Thir words ware judged ane approbation, however naturall affection may alleviat. The Justices delayed to give sentence against him till the 14 of November.’ (Lauder, Historical Notices, I, 336.)

William Riddell was convicted and forfeited for his treasonable expressions and supply of the rebels. See here.

He is probably the ‘William Riddell, feuar in Rutherlgen’ who appears on the published fugitive roll of May, 1684. (Jardine, ‘United Societies’, II, 201.)

Riddell’s burgh was where the Rutherglen Testimony was proclaimed, the declaration which sparked the Bothwell Rising.

For more on the Covenanters and Rutherglen parish, see here.

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