The Drowned Refuge of the Galloway Covenanters at Glenhoul

Glenhoul North

According to the mid nineteenth-century OS Name book, Glenhoul in Dalry parish, Kirkcudbrightshire, was a refuge for Covenanters:

‘20 chains N.W. of Glenhowl [i.e., Glenhoul] An extensive Glen on the Water of Ken, extending from that point where the Ken receives the Water of Deugh in a Northerly direction to a place called College Glen, It presents a very romantic and picturesque appearance, its sides in many places being lofty precipices overhanging the river, and in other places clothed with wood to the water’s edge. During the period of the Scottish persecution in the 17[th] Century, this Glen afforded some favourite hiding places, or coverts to the persecuted presbyterians from the fury of [John] Grahame of Claverhouse &c.’

Glenhoul Middle

Glenhoul lay between the homes of John McMillan in Arndarroch, in Dalry parish, and the forfeited laird, William Gordon of Dundeugh, in Carsphairn parish.

Glenhoul Kendoon LochKendoon Loch © Bob Peace and licensed for reuse.

Today, some of Glenhoul is drowned below the Kendoon Loch which feeds the Kendoon hydro-electric power station at the foot of the glen. (Visitor Centre at Tongland Power Station.)

Map of Glenhoul

College Glen and Loch KendoonCollege Glen © Oliver Dixon and licensed for reuse.

College Glen, at the north end of the glen, now lies to the north-east of Kendoon Loch.

Map of College Glen

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