Hidden Covenanters at Lag’s Howe in Galloway

Lag’s Howe in Dalry parish, Kirkcudbrightshire, is said to be where hidden Covenanters were often ‘disturbed’ by their infamous persecutor, Robert Grierson of Lag…

Lag's Howe

According to the entry for Lag’s Howe in the mid nineteenth-century OS name book for Dalry parish:

‘A hollow portion of land on the farm of Glenshimeroch, it is traditionally said, that during the period of the persecution, the Presbyterians had been often disturbed here, by [Robert] Grierson of Lag.’

Lag’s Howe lies near Glenshimmeroch Hill. The modern map marks Lag’s Howe on the east bank of the Lag’s Strand burn. However, the mid nineteenth-century map (see above) places it on the west bank of the eastern fork of Lang’s Strand. The area is, or was, heavily forested, but the Howe lies near breaks through the pine forest.

Map of Lag’s Howe              Aerial View of Lag’s Howe

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