The Covenanters’ Cave at Earn Craig

A cave said to be used by the Covenanters lies below Earn Craig, a very remote location in Dumfriesshire…

Covenanters; Cave Earn Craig MoffatEarncraig Hill © David Brown and licensed forreuse.

According to the mid nineteenth-century OS name book for Earn Craig in Moffat parish:

‘A rugged craig about a mile to the North of Burleywhag where an eagle had its eyrie. At the bottom among the loose stones there is a cave where, it is said, the Covenanters hid themselves in the time of the Persecution.’

Earn Craig Covenanters Cave

The Covenanter’s Cave at Earn Craig, beow Earncraig Hill, appears to actually lie in Closeburn parish, Dumfriesshire, and very close to march boundary with Crawford parish in Lanarkshire.

Map of Earn Craig              Aerial View of Earn Craig


The cave is not marked on the modern OS map. It is not clear if it still in situ. If it is, the Covenanters’ Cave at Earn Craig lies near
297750, 601205
-3.61183, 55.29430

Probably somewhere in the scree below the craig.

If you find and photgraph the cave, please let me know via a comment, twitter (below) or email here.

The Covenanter’s Cave at Earn Craig may be the one in nineteenth-century tradition that was allegedly used as a hiding place by Daniel MacMichael and a party of Covenanters.

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