On the Eve of the Glorious Revolution: Alexander Shields’ Field Preaching at Upper Dalveen

On Sunday 4 November, 1688, Alexander Shields held a field preaching at Upper Dalveen in Durisdeer parish…

Upper Dalveen Covenanters

Upper Dalveen © Walter Baxter and licensed for reuse.

The preaching is recorded in a letter sent on Thursday 8 November, 1688, from ‘Jon Wilsone, [in] Spannoach.’ to James Johnstone of Westerhall.

Kirkconnel, Thursday 8 November, 1688.
‘Right honnourabil, If I had found aney thing worthie of your troubell or Sir John Dalzells anent the saf[t]ie of his Majesties peace yow may assure your selfe I would have given you and Sir John [Dalyell of Glenae] nottice therof, for I did promise at pairting with Sir John to doe the samyne. One Sunday last [i.e., 4 November] thair was a conventiekell at Upper Dalweine within the Dewk of Queinsberies bounds, quhich is within fyve mylles of Thornhill; one Mr [Alexander] Sheills preacht; their was noe peopell thair of aney quallite and the most pairt of them that was thair was weomen; as for armed men thair was very few; they doe noe trowbill to aney bodie, but calls for meat in mure houses amongst the mountaines, and imediatlie after their preachings are over they dispers and are noe more sein.’ (RPCS, XIII, 343.)

The field preaching took place at Upper Dalveen, which lies in Durisdeer parish in Nithsdale, Dumfriesshire.

Map of Upper Dalveen

The field preaching followed soon after Shields had attended the Society people’s forty-first convention, which was held at Glengaber near Wanlockhead on Wednesday 24 October.

Shields’ preaching probably took place in the hills immediately behind Upper Dalveen. It is not known what Shields preached on, but his preaching took place immediately before a day of ‘fasting, prayer and supplication’ to the Lord among the Society people on 6 November for direction over whether they should join with William of Orange’s forces when they landed. William’s “invasion” force landed in England on the 5 November. (Wodrow, Analecta, I, 184.)

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