The Devil Attacks in Glasgow in 1684

Coal Devil

The minister for Easter Kilpatrick reports that the presence of a suspected witch in Glasgow Tolbooth led to the Devil attacking both Covenanters and their guards in March and April, 1684:

‘March and Aprile 1684, amongst some prisoners at Glasgow was brought in a woman mala fama:. While she is there, the devil appears in the rooms casting coals at the prisoners and soldiers, jingling the irons and frighting all; when she is removed, he appears no more, which would seem to say, that the devil his appearing in houses and troubling them is not without the hand of some of his warlocks or witches, as instances may be given of it.’

The prisoners allegedly attacked by the Devil were probably many of the prisoners held in Glasgow Tolbooth in June, 1684, who were banished to Carolina.

‘Aprile 1684, Captain Paton [of Meadowhead], Robert Goodwin, maltman in Glasgow, and James M’Lintoek, were taken and brought in prisoners to Glasgow; the last two were taken casually. It is strange how Providence has suffered many of these Bodell men [i.e., at the Bothwell Rising of 1679] to be taken even when not sought for.’ (Law, Memorialls, 283-4.)

For other “wonders” of the 1680s in Scotland, see here.

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