The Forfeited: Covenanters in Cumbernauld

The forfeited Covenanters of Dunbartonshire were a rare breed. Only two individuals were forfeited for their part in the Bothwell Rising of 1679. Both lived close to the march boundary of Cumbernauld parish with New Monkland parish in Lanarkshire and Slammanan parish in Stirlingshire, which were rebel strongholds.

Cat CraigCat Craig

1. John Russell of Cat Craig, Cumbernauld parish.

Map of Cat Craig               Aerial View of Cat Craig

2. John Russell of Arns, Cumbernauld parish.

Map of Arns               Street View of Arns

Both men were forfeited in absentia at a late date, the 6 May, 1685:

‘John Russel of Catcraig, and John Russel of Arnes in Dumbartonshire, are found guilty by the assize, of being in arms with the rebels at Bothwell. The two last are sentenced to be executed to death, &c. when apprehended, and all the three [including the deceased John Mackie of Larg] forfeited, their blood tainted, &c. in common form.’ (Wodrow, History, IV, 234.)

Garbethill MuirGarbethill Muir © Richard Webb and licensed for reuse.

The sons of one of them were listed on the fugitive roll of May, 1684, under Garbethill, the farm which lies between Arns and Cat Craig. They were ‘James Russel, son to John Russel in Garbethills’, ‘John Russel, son to John Russel in Garbethills’, and ‘George Russel, son to John Russel in Garbethills’. (Jardine, ‘United Societies’, II, 192.)

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