The Forfeited Covenanters, 1679 to 1688

Scottish Parliament

In 1690, the Scottish Parliament passed an act rescinding most of the forfeitures which had taken place under the Restoration Stewart regime. The published list is not perfect. It contains minor errors, duplicates some names and fails to mentions some of those who were executed.

Below are the 331 names listed in the Act for the period between 1679 and 1688.

I have added numbers and identified, where possible, the parish where the forfeited came from. You can compare my revised list with the full act here. (RPS, 1690/4/80.)

[Forfeited 1679]
1. Mr John King [Executed 1679],
2. Mr John Kidd [Executed 1679],

3. Andrew Sword [Borgue parish. Executed 1679],
4. Thomas Brown [Edinburgh. Executed 1679],
5. John Waddell [New Monkland or Shotts parish. Executed 1679],
6. John Clyde [Kilbride parish. Executed 1679],
7. James Wood [Loudoun parish. Executed 1679],

[Forfeited 1680]
8. Patrick MacDougall of Freuch [Stoneykirk parish],
9. & 10. Mr William [Gordon (d.1679)] and Alexander Gordon, elder and younger of Earlston [Dalry parish],
11. Mr William Ferguson of Ketloch [Glencairn parish],
12. James Gordon of Craichie, younger [Kirkcowan parish],
13. Patrick Dunbar, younger of Machriemore [Minnigaff parish],
14. William Gordon of Culvennan [Kirkcowan parish],
15. John Bell of Whiteside [Anwoth parish. Summarily executed 1685],
16. John Gibson of Auchencheyne [Glencairn parish],
17. [John] Gibson, younger of Ingliston [Glencairn parish. Summarily executed 1685],
18. [William] Gordon of Dundeugh [Carsphairn parish],
19. […] Grier of Dalgonar [Dunscore parish. Probably a repetition of Samuel Grierson of Dalgonar],
20. [Robert] Smith of Kilroy [Dunscore parish],
21. [Robert] MacClelland of Balmagreichen [Borgue parish],

22. Thomas Bogle of Boglehole [Old Monkland parish],
23. James Baird of Dungeonhill [Old Monkland parish],

24. […] Gordon of Craigie [i.e., James Gordon, younger, of Craiglaw],
25. [Robert] Lennox of Irelandton [Twynholm parish. Summarily executed 1685],
26. […] Gordon of Baccharrowe [i.e., Barharrow, Borgue parish],
27. John Fullerton of Auchinhoe [Borgue parish],
28. David MacCulloch, son to Ardwell [Anwoth parish],
29. William Whitehead of Millhouse [Kirkcudbright parish?],
30. John Welsh of Cornlee [Irongray parish],
31. [John] Neilson of Corsock [Parton parish],
32. Robert MacClelland of Barscobe [Balmaclellan parish],
33. Samuel MacClelland, his brother [Balmaclellan parish?],
34. […] Fullerton of Nethermill [?],
35. George MacCartney of Blaiket [Urr parish],
36. […] Gordon of Garrerie [Garrarie, Mochrum parish],
37. Alexander Gordon of Knockgray [Carsphairn parish],
38. [Patrick] Heron of Littlepark [Minnigaff parish],
39. [William] Gordon of Holmes [Balmaclellan parish. Perhaps duplicate of his son. See No. 155],
40. [John] Gordon of Overbarr [Dalry parish],
41. John MacNaught of Culquha [Tongland parish],
42. Patrick Murdoch, alias laird of Murdoch [aka. of Cumloden. Minnigaff parish],

43. [John] Binning of Dalvennan [Straiton parish],
44. Major Alexander Ross [near New Monkland parish?],

45. John Malcolm [Dalry parish. Executed 1680],
46. Archibald Alison [Evandale parish. Executed 1680],
47. James Skene, brother to the laird of Skene [Skene parish. Executed 1680],
48. John Potter [Uphall parish. Executed 1680],
49. Archibald Stewart [Bo’ness parish. Executed 1680],
50. Isobel Alison [Perth parish. Executed 1681],
51. Marion Harvie [Bo’ness parish. Executed 1681],

[Teviotdale Forfietures]
52. Thomas Turnbull of Standhill [Hawick parish],
53. Walter Turnbull of Bewlie [Lilliesleaf parish],

[Forfeitures and Executions]
54. John Murray [Bo’ness parish],
55. Christopher Miller [Gargunnock parish. Executed 1681],
56. William Gogar [Bo’ness parish. Executed 1681],
57. Robert Sangster [Stirlingshire. Executed 1681],

[Lanarkshire Forfeitures]
60. David White, smith in Lanark [Lanark parish],
61. Gideon Weir, gunsmith there [in Lanark, Lanark parish],
62. David Gibson there [in Lanark, Lanark parish],
63. John Wilson, writer in Lanark [Lanark parish. Executed 1683],
64. Mr Thomas Pillans [in Lanark, Lanark parish],
65. James Lawrie, writer there [in Lanark, Lanark parish],
66. Archibald Simpson there [in Lanark, Lanark parish],
67. Thomas Lauchlan there [in Lanark, Lanark parish],
68. William Ferguson there [in Lanark, Lanark parish],
69. John Sempill, mason there [in Lanark, Lanark parish],
70. Thomas Inglis there [in Lanark, Lanark parish],
71. Alexander Anderson there [in Lanark, Lanark parish],
72. John Pomphray there [in Lanark, Lanark parish],
73. John Jack in Nemphlar [Lanark parish],
74. William Peden, mason in Lanark [Lanark parish],
75. Robert Lockhart of Birkhill [Lesmahagow parish],

76. Gavin Hamilton of Hill [Lesmahagow parish. On later Poll Tax Roll],

77. James Weir of Johnshill [Lesmahagow parish],
78. John Shiel in Overwaterhead [Lesmahagow parish],
79. John Haddow in Douglas [Douglas parish],
80. James White in Douglas [Douglas parish],
81. William Falconer in Hamilton [Hamilton parish],
82. Arthur Tacket there [in Hamilton parish. Executed 1684],
83. Gavin Weatherspoon of Heather Know [Old Monkland parish],
84. John Easton, portioner of Gairnequeen [Old Monkland parish],
85. Robert Goodwin, maltman in Glasgow,
86. James Cunningham, merchant there,
87. Isaac Blackwell, son to Thomas Blackwell there [in Glasgow],
88. William Riddell, feuar in Rutherglen [Rutherglen parish],
89. Robert Fleming of Auchinfine [Kilbride parish],
90. John Hamilton, feuar of Rogerton [Kilbride parish],
91. Thomas Craig, feuar in Jackton [Kilbride parish],
92. John Miller, younger of Long Calderwood [Kilbride parish],
93. John Wilson of Highflat [Kilbride parish],
94. Robert Steven, feuar of Newlands [Kilbride parish],
95. John Steel of Windhill [Evandale parish],
96. John Cochrane of Craige [Evandale parish],
97. James Dykes of Halburne [Evandale parish],
98. John Carnduff, feuar in Jackton [Kilbride parish],
99. Thomas Paton at the old kirk of Cambusnethan [Cambusnethan parish],
100. John Whitelaw in Bothwellshields [Shotts parish. Executed 1683? See also No. 187],
101. John Paterson there [in Bothwellshields. Shotts parish],
102. John White of Neuk [Lesmahagow parish],
103. Thomas Lynn of Blairachine [Lesmahagow parish],

[Ayrshire/Carrick Forfeitures]
104. Gilbert MacIlraith of Dumorchie [Barr parish],
105. Thomas MacJarrow of Barr [Barr parish];
106. John MacJarrow of Pingerrach [Barr parish],
107. Henry MacGarroch of Alton Albany [Barr parish],
108. George MacLure of Bennan [Barr parish],
109. [Hugh] MacIlraith of Auchenflower [Ballantrae parish],
110. John MacAlexander of Dumochrein [Dailly parish],
111. [John] MacMichan, son to […] MacMichan of Killstinnian [Colmonell parish],
112. Allan Bowie, son to […] Bowie of Drumley [Tarbolton parish],

[Executions and Forfeitures]
113. Adam Philip [Kilconquhar parish],
114. Andrew Patillo [Largo parish. Executed 1681],
115. Laurence Hay [Kilconquhar parish. Executed 1681],
116. Mr Donald Cargill [Executed 1681],
117. Mr James Boig [Executed 1681],
118. Mr Walter Smith [Executed 1681],
119. William Thomson [St Ninians parish. Executed 1681],
120. William Cuthill [Bo’ness parish. Executed 1681],
121. Patrick Forman [Alloa parish. Executed 1681],
122. Robert Garnock [Stirling. Executed 1681],
123. David Farrie [Ayr. Executed 1681],
124. James Stewart [Cambusnethan parish. Executed 1681],
125. Alexander Russell [Falkirk parish. Executed 1681],

126. William Murray of Meadowhead [or ‘Moodiehead’, Bo’ness parish?],

127. Archibald [Campbell], earl of Argyll [Executed 1685],

[Stirlingshire Forfeitures]
128. George Arthur of Bonnanhill, portioner of Balquhatstone [Slammanan parish],
129. James Ure of Shargerton [Kippen parish],
130. Donald Connell, portioner of Buchlyvie [Kippen parish],
131. Thomas Russell of Middlerig [Slammanan or Muiravonside parish],
132. Edward Marshall, heritor of Kaemuir [Muiravonside parish. Executed 1685],
133. John Taylor, elder in Holehouse [Slammanan parish],
134. John Shaw, son to John Shaw of Easter Greenhill [Slammanan parish],
135. George Mochrie, fiar of Stonerigg [Slammanan parish?],

136. Thomas Ferguson of Finnarts [Ballantrae parish],

[Forfeitures and Executions]
137. William Harvie in Lanark [Lanark parish. Executed 1682],
138. Christian Fyfe [Fife],
139. Robert Gray, Englishman [Northumberland. Executed 1682],
140. James Robertson [Stonehouse parish. Executed 1682],
141. John Finlay [Kilmarnock parish. Executed 1682],
142. William Cochrane [Evandale parish. Executed 1682],

[Dumfriesshire and Galloway Forfeitures]
143. Samuel Grierson of Dalgonar [Dunscore parish. Probable repetition of No. 19],
144. William Grierson of Lochquhare [Keir parish],
145. James Welsh of Little Cluden [Irongray parish],
146. John Brown, heritor in Newtown [of Galloway? Kells parish],
147. Henry MacCulloch of Barholm [Kirkmabreck parish],
148. Anthony Mackie of Cloncaird [Minnigaff parish],
149. […] Hay of Arriallane [Mochrum parish],
150. Andrew Martin of Little Airies [Kirkinner parish],
151. […] Fullerton of Senwick [Borgue parish],
152. [David] Halliday of Mayfield [Twynholm parish. Summarily executed in 1685],
153. Mr Thomas Verner, minister,
154. Mr Samuel Arnott, minister,
155. George Gordon, second son to Holmes [Balmaclellan parish],
156. Alexander MacNaught, younger of Overton [of Dalry. Dalry parish],
157. [Thomas] Crichton of Hole of Balquhasie [Kirkmabreck parish],
158. Alexander Hunter of Culquhasen [Glenluce parish],
159. Alexander Mackie of Drumbowie [Kirkcowan parish],

[Execution and Forfeitures]
160. Alexander Hume, portioner of Hume [Hume parish. Executed 1682],
161. [Thomas] Cunningham of Montgreenan [Kilwinning parish],
162. William Lawrie of Blackwood [Lesmahagow parish],
163. John Menzies of Dalquhairn [or ‘Dalvane’, Slammanan parish],
164. Robert Hamilton, brother to the laird of Preston,

[Glasgow Circuit Forfeitures]
165. William Boig in Auchinreoch in Campsie parish [Executed 1683],
166. John Russell, portioner of Eastfield [New Monkland parish],
167. Gavin Paterson, feuar in Bothwellshields [Shotts parish],
168. Robert Russell of Windyedge [Shotts parish],
169. Mr Thomas Hamilton of Raith [Bothwell parish],
170. James Hamilton of Parkhead [Bothwell parish],
171. James Maxwell of Williamswood [Cathcart parish],
172. John Maxwell, portioner of Bogton [Cathcart parish],

[Ayrshire Forfeitures]
173. Robert [or John?] Lockhart of Bankhead [Loudoun parish],
174. Andrew Brown of Duncanziemere [Auchinleck parish],
175. Mr Matthew Campbell of Waterhouse [or Waterhaughs, Galston parish],
176. James Brown [son of James Brown, portioner] in Newmills [Loudoun parish],
177. John Paterson in Daldilling [Sorn parish],
178. Adam Reid [portioner] in Mauchline [Mauchline parish],
179. John Crawford of Tarshaw [Tarbolton parish],
180. John Wilson, younger [or portioner] of Lindsayhill [i.e., Lindsayshill, Sorn parish],
181. Mr John Halbert [Cumnock parish],
182. James MacNeilly of Auchnairne [Auchairne?, Ballantrae parish],
183. Colonel John Burns [Ayrshire],

184. Robert Hamilton of Monkland [New Monkland parish],
185. Edward Aiken [Crawfordjohn parish],

186. Mr John Dick, son to David Dick, writer in Edinburgh [Executed 1684],
187. John Whitelaw [New Monkland parish. Executed 1683. Duplicate of No. 100],
188. Arthur Bruce [Dalserf parish. Executed 1683],
189. William Cochrane [Lesmahagow parish. Executed 1683],
190. George Martin, sometime notary and reader at Dally [Dailly parish. Executed 1684],
191. John Kerr, wright sometime in the parish of Hunnum [aka. Gilry. Hownam parish. Executed 1684],
192. James Muir at the Crossford boat [Lesmahagow parish. Executed 1684],

193. Henry Hall of Haughhead [(d.1680)],
194. Mr John Menzies of Wintercleuch or Hangingshaw [Crawford parish],
195. […] Calderhead, younger of [or in] Windyedge [Shotts parish],
196. Henry Boswell, portioner of Dunsystoune [Shotts parish],
197. Robert Steel, portioner of Stain [Cambusnethan parish],
198. John Meek, portioner of Hunsellwood [Carstairs parish],
199. James Howison, maltman in Lanark [Lanark parish],
200. John Cochrane of Waterside,

201. John Paton of Meadowhead, called Captain Paton [Fenwick parish],
202. Thomas Harkness in Locherben [Closeburn parish. Executed 1684],
203. Andrew Clark, sometime in Leadhills in Crawford parish [Executed 1684],
204. Samuel MacEwan in Glencairn parish [Executed 1684],
205. James Nicol in Peebles-shire [Peebles parish. Executed 1684],
206. William Young in Lanarkshire [Eaglesham or Evandale parish. Executed 1684],

207. John Hutcheson, portioner of Newbattle [Newbattle parish],

208. John Sempill [Glassford parish. Executed 1684],
209. John Watt [Kilbride parish. Executed 1684],
210. Gabriel Thomson [Kilbride parish. Executed 1684],
211. George Jackson [Eastwood parish. Executed 1684],
212. Thomas Wood [Kirkmichael parish. Executed 1684],
213. James Graham [Crossmichael parish. Executed 1684],
214. Thomas Robertson [Edinburgh. Executed 1684],
215. Mr Robert Baillie of Jerviswood [Lanark parish. Executed 1684],

216. Walter [Scott], sometime earl of Tarras [Roberton parish, Roxburgh],

217. Robert Miller in the parish of Rutherglen [Executed 1685],
218. Robert Pollock, shoemaker in Glasgow [and Kilbride parish. Executed 1685],

219. Thomas Kennedy of Grange [Maybole parish],
220. John Porterfield of Duchal [Kilmacolm parish],
221. John Mackie of Larg [Minnigaff parish],
222. John Russell of Colcraig [or Cat Craig, Cumbernauld parish],
223. John Russell of Arns [Cumbernauld parish],

[Glasgow Executions]
224. John MacQuarrie [Lesmahagow parish. Executed 1683],
225. James Smith [Lesmahagow parish. Executed 1683],
226. James Lawson [Lesmahagow parish. Executed 1684],
227. Alexander Wood [Bothwell parish. Executed 1684],

[Ayrshire Forfeitures]
228. Alexander Vallance,
229. James Kirkwood,

[Argyll Faction Forfeitures]
230. Sir John Cochrane of Ochiltree,
231. Sir Patrick Hume of Polwarth [Polwarth parish, Berwickshire],
232. George Pringle of Torwoodlee [Stow parish, Selkirkshire] ,
233. Mr Robert Martin, late clerk to the justice court,
234. Mr Robert Ferguson, sometime chaplain to [Anthony Ashley Cooper], earl of Shaftesbury,
235. Thomas Stewart of Coltness [Cambusnethan parish],
236. Sir Hugh Campbell, elder of Cessnock [Galston parish],
237. Sir George Campbell thereof [i.e. of Cessnock],
238. George [Melville], lord Melville [Collessie parish, Fife],
239. David Montgomery of Lainshaw [Stewarton parish],
240. Richard Rumbold, Englishman [Executed 1685],
241. David Stewart, son to Thomas Stewart of Coltness [Cambusnethan parish],
242. Mr William Spence, servant to the late earl of Argyll,
243. William Denholm of Westshiels [Carnwath parish],
244. James Stewart [of Goodtrees], advocate,
245, Mr Gilbert Elliott [Edinburgh],

[Executions and Forfeitures]

246. Thomas Stoddart [Executed 1685],
247. James Wilkinson,
248. Matthew Bryce [Carmunock parish, Executed 1685],

249. Archibald Campbell,
250. David Law [Executed 1685],
251. Gavin Russell [Executed 1685],

252. Mr Thomas Archer, preacher [Executed 1685],

[Argyll Faction Forfeitures]
253. Mr Charles Campbell, son to the late earl of Argyll,
254. Archibald Campbell, son to Lord Neil Campbell,
255. Mr John Campbell, son to the late earl of Argyll,

256. John Nisbet called of Hardhill [Loudoun parish. Executed 1685],

[Argyll Faction Forfeitures]
257. Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun [Saltoun parish, Haddingtonshire],
258. Sir Duncan Campbell of Auchinbreck,
259. Donald Campbell of Barbreck,
260. John Campbell, younger of Nellfort,
261. John Campbell of Knapp,
262. Mr Alexander Campbell, advocate,
263. Dougall Campbell of Kilberry, younger,
264. the deceased Alexander MacMillan of Drummore,
265. Donald MacNeil of Crear,
266. Duncan Campbell of Carradale,
267. Alexander Campbell of Otter,
268. Major […] Henderson,
269. Captain John Fullerton,
270. Mr George Wishart, preacher,
271. Mr Alexander Hastie,
272. Robert Elphinstone of Lopness,
273. Captain John Henry,
274. Patrick Campbell, son to Mr John Campbell, called Black Patrick,
275. Patrick MacArthur of Inchrenie,
276. Archibald MacIlvernock of Ob,
277. Iver MacIver, alias Campbell of Arnish,
278. the deceased Dougall MacAvish of Dunardry,
279. Neil Campbell of Evanachan,
280. […] Campbell of Kildavanan,
281. [Daniel] Kerr of Kersland, younger,
282. John Campbell of Dargachie,
283. Robert Campbell, his brother,
284. Alexander MacArthur, captain to the late Argyll,
285. & 286. Colin and Duncan Campbell, elder and younger of Allangreg,
287. James [Scott], sometime duke of Buccleuch and Monmouth,
288. Donald Campbell of Bellnabie,
289. Archibald Campbell of Danna,
290. Duncan Campbell of Culgaltro,
291. Angus MacLauchlan of Barnagad,
292. Allan MacLauchlan of Dunard,
293. Colin Campbell of Blairintibbert,
294. the deceased Donald Campbell of Drumfine,
295. Donald Campbell of Ob,
296. Duncan Campbell, elder of Drumfine,
297. Angus Campbell of Daltote,
298. John Campbell of Ulva,
299. Alexander Lamond of Monydrain,
300. John Campbell of Ardtaraig,
301. John MacPhine of Invernoaden,
302. Alexander MacChuine of Kinlochalline,
303. Archibald MacPhun of Drip,
304. Alexander Campbell, younger of Sonachan,
305. James Wilson in Mosshead of Lochwinnoch [Lochwinnoch parish],
306. John Anderson, younger of Westerton [near Edinburgh?],
307. James Boyle, called Mr James Renwick, precentor,
308. Mr James Renwick, a preacher [Executed 1688],
[After this point, the list appears to abandon a fairly chronological format and begins to frequently contain duplicate entries.]
309. Mr Gabriel Maxwell, a minister, [before 1678]
310. Andrew Martin of Little Airies [See No.150],
311. Andrew Meek in Carnwath parish,
312. John Stewart, son to James Stewart in Drumlea [or Shawwood, Tarbolton parish],
313. Nicolas Cochrane, portioner of Melrose [or Newton, Roxburghshire],
314. John Cochrane of Chapel,
315. Robert Fullerton of Bennalls [Tarbolton parish],
316. John Wilson [See No. 63],
317. Mr Thomas Pillan [See No. 64],
318. Archibald Simpson [See No. 66],
319. Alexander Anderson [See No. 71],
320. John Sempill [See No. 69],
321. William Padyn [See No. 74],
322. Thomas Inglis [See No. 70],
323. Thomas Lauchlan [See No. 67],
324. William Ferguson [See No. 68],
325. Alexander Brown,
326. Gideon Weir [See No. 61],
327. James Howison [See No. 199],

[Renfrewshire Executions]
328. James Algeir in Kennishead [Executed 1685],
329. [John] Park, in the shire of Renfrew [Executed 1685],

330. John Hutcheson of Harlaw [or ‘Hairlawe’, Lanarkshire. See ST, XI, 248.],
331. Captain James Wishart;

and generally all and whatsoever decreets and dooms of forfeitures, given and pronounced against any of the subjects of this kingdom, either by the high court of parliament or ordinary or circuit courts of justiciary, or any other court or commission from 1 January 1665 to 5 November 1688, with all escheats fallen upon the grounds of the said forfeitures since the said day, are and shall be void and of no value, force, strength nor effect in all time coming, rescinding and reducing the same forever, except the decreets of forfeiture pronounced against Pàdraig Ruadh MacGriogair, Patrick Drummond, Alasdair Mór MacGriogair, John MacIntosh and Philip Standfield [for murder].’

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