Prophet Peden’s Fear of the French in 1685


Fear of the domination of Louis XIV’s France was spread by Alexander Peden in the South West of Scotland in 1685.

‘32. At this Time [in 1685] it was seldom that Mr. Peden could be prevailed with to Preach frequently, answering and advising People to pray meikle, saying, It was praying Folk that would win through the Storm: They would get Preaching both meikle and good, but not meikle Good of it until Judgments were poured out, to lay the Land desolate.

And at other Times, [he said] We needed not look for a great or good Day of the Gospel, until the Sword of the Frenches were amongst us, to make a dreadful Slaughter; and then after that, bra’ good Days.’ (Walker, BP, I, 69.)

~ by drmarkjardine on June 5, 2014.

2 Responses to “Prophet Peden’s Fear of the French in 1685”

  1. […] Kersland does not say where r when that foretelling took place. However, according to Patrick Walker, the above passage referred to Peden’s last sermon at Coilsholm Wood, which probably took place in late 1685 when Louis XIV issued the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes that increased persecution of the Huguenots. Peden appears to have been particularly vexed by potential French persecution. […]

  2. […] in a devastating persecution in Scotland was shared by Donald Cargill at Benty Rig in 1681 and Alexander Peden in 1685 and again in his last sermon. (Jardine, ‘United Societies’, I, […]

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