A Providential Mist for Prophet Peden: Galloway 1685

The following is the first of several stories of providential mists which Patrick Walker claims allegedly intervened to protect Alexander Peden or his followers from government forces in 1685.

Peden Mist GallowayMist in the Galloway Hills © Anthony O’Neil and licensed for reuse.

‘When the greater Part [of the 26 Scots who arrived with Peden in Galloway at the beginning of March, 1685,] took their Farewel of him, he said to the rest [for there were twelve of them, including John Muirhead], To what House or Place will we go? One Hugh Kenneday said, We will go to such an House. He said, Hewie, ye will not get your Nose set there; for the Devil and his Bairns are there. Notwithstanding Hugh went, and found the House full of the Enemies: And that Night, a Woman in that House, made Way of her self. Hugh came quickly back, and told him. He said, We’ll go to such an House; I have an Errant there. When they went, the Good-wife was dying, under great Doubts and Fears; where he was a blessed Instrument of Comfort to her: And said to Hugh, Hewie, this is the Errant I had here.

[…] They went eastward, somewhat contrair to his Inclination; they came to the Top of an Hill, upwards of two Miles distant from the House, to which they designed: He halted, and said, I will not go one Foot further this Way; there is undoubtedly Danger before us. An Herd-lad being there, he gave him a Groat, and desired him to go to that House, and fetch them Meat and News: When the Lad came to the House, the Good-wife hasted, and gave him Meat to them, saying,

Lad, run hard, and tell them, That the Enemies are spread, and we are every Minute looking for them here. As the Lad was going from the House, eighteen of the Enemy’s Foot were near, crying. Stand, Dag. The Lad ran, and 6 of them pursued half a Mile, and fired hard upon him; the Ball went closs by his Head.

All that Time, Mr. Peden continued in Prayer for him hig alone, and with the rest, being twelve Men; when praying with them, he said. Lord, shall the poor Lad that’s gone our Errand, seeking Bread to support our Lives, lose his? Direct the Bullets by his Head, however near, let them not touch him; Good Lord, spare the Lap of thy Cloak, and cover the poor Lad. And in this he was heard and answered, in that there was a dark Cloud of Mist parted him and them.’ (Walker, BP, I, 62-3.)

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