Alexander Peden in Galloway in 1681

HangingsThe following story found in Patrick Walker’s Life of Peden is one of the few hints we have that Alexander Peden may have been in Scotland in early 1681.

‘12. After the publick Murdering of these two worthy Women-Martyrs, Isabel Alison and Marion Harvie [of Bo’ness], in the Grass-market of Edinburgh, [26] January 1681, he was in Galloway: A Professor [i.e., a Christian] of some Note, who had more carnal Wit and Policy, than suffer him to be honest and faithful. after reasoning upon the Grounds of their Sufferings, affirmed, That they would never be reckoned a mong the Number of the Martyrs. Mr. Peden said, after musing a little, Let alone, you’ll never be honoured with such a Death; and, for what you have said against these two honest, worthy Lasses, your Death shall be both sudden and surprizing: Which was verified shortly thereafter; That Man, standing before a Fire smoking his Pipe, dropt down dead, and that without speaking more.’ (Walker, BP, I, 48-9.)

Isobel Alison and Marion Harvie were both followers of Donald Cargill. At some point in the first half of that year, Peden may have encountered Cargill.

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2 Responses to “Alexander Peden in Galloway in 1681”

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  2. […] he was with Cargill. Peden is said to have been at Mauchline Fair in the later half of 1680 and in Galloway in the first half of […]

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