Peden’s Well and Peden’s View near Langholm

Pedens View and Pedens Well

Beside the Green Burn, in Langholm parish, lie two sites associated of the Covenanting field preacher, Alexander Peden, Peden’s Well and Peden’s View.

Map of Peden’s View

Pedens ViewPeden’s View © Walter Baxter and licensed for reuse.

In 1867, Samuel Smiles in his footnotes to his biography of Thomas Telford records Peden’s View and Well:

‘A little above Langholm is a hill known as “peden’s View,” and the well in the green hollow at its foot is still called “Peden’s Well” – that place having been the haunt of Alexander Peden, the “prophet.” His hiding-place was among the alder-bushes in the hollow, while from the hill-top he could look up the valley, and see whether the Johnstones of Wester Hall were coming. Quite at the head of the same valley, at a place called Craighaugh, on Eskdale Muir, one [Andrew] Hislop, a young covenanter, was shot by Johnstone’s men, and buried where he fell; a gray slabstone still marking the place of his rest.’ (Samuel Smiles, Thomas Telford, 98.)

Andrew Hislop is also associated with a grave site at Windshiels.

It is not clear if Peden’s Well, which is situated below the view, survives. If it does, it lies among the trees opposite the quarry.

Aerial View of Peden’s Well

If anyone can find and photograph it, I would be very grateful.

For other mssing Peden sites you can find, see here.

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