Missing: Prophet Peden’s Well by the Water of Tig in Ballantrae parish

It is missing, but can Prophet Peden’s Well still be found?

Peden’s Well lies to the east of Auchenflower in Ballantrae parish, Carrick.

Pedens Well

It is supposed to have been used by the notorious field preacher, Alexander Peden.

The well does not appear on modern OS maps, but appears to have been, or still be, sited in the woods to south of the Water of Tig and to the west of the Meikle Glen.

Map of Peden’s Well               Aerial View of Peden’s Well

According to the OS Name Book of the mid Nineteenth century:

‘40 chains [880 yards] east of Auchenflour House and on the south margin of the Water of Tig. A spring well covered over with weeds and grass and never used for any purpose but still pointed out as a favourite at which the prophet Peden usually baptized the children of this part of the country, …this well was adopted for the whole glen produced nothing at the time but copse wood and consequently could hide or remain a long time under cover ere he could [be] taken.’ (OS Name Book, Ayrshire, Vol.7.)

The site is not recorded on the Canmore website. It is not clear if the spring/well is still there. If anyone can find and photograph it, I would be very grateful.

Peden’s Well lies close to the home of Hugh MacIlwraith of Auchenflower, a Carrick laird forfeited for his part in the battle of Bothwell Bridge.

Map of Auchenflower                      Street View of Auchenflower

It is possible, if not likely, that Auchenflower was a hearer of Peden. Another Peden preaching site at Auchensoul Hill lies beside the home of a second forfeited Carrick man, John MacJarrow in Pingerroch.

For other mssing Peden sites you can find, see here.

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