The Perils of Prophet Peden

In Patrick Walker’s revised edition of his life of Peden, he tells a story about Alexander Peden prophesying ruin on the house of Garfield. It is a Buster Keaton moment gone wrong.

Garfield lies in Mauchline parish, Ayrshire.

Map of Garfield                  Aerial View of Garfield

GarfieldGarfield © Bob Forrest and licensed for reuse.

‘About this Time [in mid 1685], he came to Garfield in the Parish of Mauchlin, to the House of Matthew Hog, a Smith to his Trade. He went into his Barn, but thought himself not safe; Foot and Horse of the Enemy being searching for Wanderers, as they were then called. He desired the Favour of his Loft, being an old waste House, two Story high; Matthew refused him ; he said, Well, well, poor Man, you will not let me have the Shelter of your Roof, but that House shall be your Judgment and Ruine. Sometime after, the Gavel of that House fell, and killed both him and his Son dead. Many Neighbours were at the Taking of the many Stones off them, which crushed their Bodies in a frightful Manner, as some of them who were present told me.’ (Walker, BP, I, 115.)

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