Where Shall I Hide: Ingleston in Glencairn

Ingleston in Glencairn parish, Dumfriesshire, was where five Society people were shot in early 1685.

Lower InglestonLower Ingleston © Walter Baxter and licensed for reuse.

In the mid nineteenth century, Simpson recorded a tradition about a narrow escape by a woman at Ingleston. As with nearly all traditions, there is no way of knowing whether the tradition records events which actually took place.

Map of Ingleston

‘There is a story told of a woman who resided at a place called Ingleston, in the parish of Glencairn in Nithsdale, whose remarkable preservation in the very presence of her enemies, who were eagerly seeking her life, is no less illustrative of the watchful providence of God than the anecdote which has now been related, and which confirms the truth of the adage, that “every man is immortal till his day come.”

This woman, whose name is not mentioned, was a “mother in Israel.” Her truly religious character, and her refusal to attend the ministry of the curate, did not escape the notice of the dominant party, who, in those times of oppression, sought “to wear out the saints of the Most High.”

The name of the Master whom she served was too conspicuously imprinted on her forehead to admit of concealment. A party of horsemen were one day despatched to the place of her residence in search of her. They were near the house before they were observed, and the worthy woman, guessing their errand, ran for refuge to the barn, in which a female servant was busily employed at her work. “The dragoons! the dragoons !” cried the fugitive; “where shall I hide?”
“Run to that dark corner,” said the servant, “and I will cover you with the straw.”
The soldiers rushed into the barn, expecting instantly to seize their prey; and seeing nobody but the servant, who refused to give them any satisfactory information, in their rage and disappointment they began to kick among the straw; and, drawing their long swords, they thrust them at full length, with all their force, through the heaps with which the barn floor was covered, stabbing vengefully in every corner where they thought there was any likelihood of concealment. The nook, however, into which the object of their search had crept was either missed by them, or their swords did not hit on the precise spot where she lay; for, notwithstanding the closeness of the search, she remained undiscovered and unscathed. In this astonishing manner, then, did the Lord preserve another of his saints who trusted in him, throwing over her the shield of his effectual protection in circumstances in which, to human view, there was no probability of escape.’ (Simpson. Traditions, 23.)

Glencairn parish was a stronghold of the Society people.

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