The Preaching Brae near Maybole

According to tradition, the Preaching Brae in Maybole parish was used by the Covenanters:

‘A small gently sloping brae which is said to have taken its name from the circumstance of preaching having been held on it in the days of the Covenanters. property of James Dunlop Esquire Edinburgh.’ (OS Name Book)

Preaching Brae Maybole
Map of the Preaching Brae            Street View of the Preaching Brae

It may be where Richard Cameron and John Kid preached at a communion in August, 1678.  Robert Garnock stated that he had attended that preaching.

The Preaching BraeThe Preaching Brae © Billy McCrorie and licensed for reuse.

Donald Cargill is said to have preached nearby at the Cargill Stone in 1681.

Alexander Peden is also associated with a thorn tree in Maybole parish.

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  1. […] the Bothwell Rising. In August, 1678, he heard Richard Cameron and John Kid preached at a communion in Maybole parish and a few days later, after attending a meeting on the borders of Kilmarnock parish, Garnock turned […]

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