‘Prophet’ Peden’s Hut

Tradition claims that the famous field preacher, Alexander Peden, hid at ‘Peden’s Hut’, a remote location in the Carrick Forest.

According to the OS Name Book:

‘A low, rotund, isolated portion of Shiel Hill. The Peden referred to is the celebrated preacher of that name, but no traces of an artificial erection of any kind can be found.’

Peden's Hut

Peden’s Hut, now Pedens Hut, lies in Straiton parish in Carrick, Ayrshire.

Map of Pedens Hut           Aerial View of Pedens Hut

If you are intrepid enough to visit Peden’s Hut, please send me a photograph!

Some pictures of Peden’s Hut can be found on this blog.

‘Peden’s Hut’ lies close to Ballochbeatties, the home of James Cubison.

Map of Ballochbeatties

Peden was close to Ballochbeatties after he preached at Glen Trool, probably in around June, 1685.

The Hut is also mentioned on p273 of S. R. Crockett’s novel, The Men of the Moss Haggs.

For more on Alexander Peden, see here.

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3 Responses to “‘Prophet’ Peden’s Hut”

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  3. […] Alexander Peden is also supposed to have hidden at Peden’s Hut, a remote location deep in the Carrick hills and close to Galloway. For the story of Peden’s Hut see here. […]

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