Four men who hid James Renwick in 1684


In October, 1684, four Galloway men were summoned to a circuit court at Kirkcudbright for sheltering the Society people’s minister, James Renwick:

‘the said Robert Blyth in Armicanie, James Milligane in Knocknou, James Makie in Cubboks and John Kingholme ther [in Cubboks] for converseing with, resetting of and doeing favours to several rebells, and particullarie Mr Rennick’ (RPCS, X, 377.)

The summons against the four men came soon after Renwick preached by the Garple Burn in Barscobe Wood.

All four men came from Balmaclellan parish in Kirkcudbrightshire. They were:

1. Robert Blyth in Ironmacannie.
‘Armicanie’ is now Ironmacannie. Two fugitives  ‘in Armancandle’ appear on the published Fugitive Roll of 1684, William Dempster and Alexander Mein. (Jardine, ‘United Societies’, II, 215.)

Map of Ironmacannie              Street View of Ironmacannie

2 & 3. James Makie and John Kingholme in Cubbox.
Cubboks is now called Cubbox, In the seventeenth century, it lay close to crossing points on the Water of Ken, at Boathouse (near the present bridge) just to the north, and Cubbox Ford to the south.

Map of Cubbox               Street View of Cubbox

4. James Milligane in ‘Knocknou’/Knocknoon.
He is probably the same as the ‘James Mulliken, in Knocknoon’, listed on the published Fugitive Roll of 1684. (Jardine, ‘United Societies’, II, 215.)

‘Knocknoon’ or ‘Knocknuo’ is probably Knocknan, but there are several places in the parish named so. Knocknan is another name for Blackcraig Hill, a small hill elsewhere in the parish and a small hill behind the farm at Blackcraig.

The Knocknan in question is probably the one near Blackcraig, as Renwick preach nearby at Clayhills in early 1684.

Street View of Knocknan at Blackcraig

Soon after the summons was drafted, Renwick preached at nearby Garcrogo.

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One Response to “Four men who hid James Renwick in 1684”

  1. In the Kirkcudbright Sheriff Court deeds 1623-1700, I have found references to Robert Blyth in Ironmacannie and to James Milligane in Knocknon. I have not found any references to the other two men.

    The firs reference to Robert Blyth (or Blythman) is from 28 May 1663 when he witnessed a bond for 100 merks. He is then mentioned in an Assignation made at Edinburgh 2 February 1684. The final mention is to pay 113 merks made at Newton (New Galloway) 20 May 1696.

    James Milligane in Knocknon is also mentioned in the 1864 Assignation and again in a Bond dated 22 March 1697 where he is called James Migglen. This Bond also mentions William Migglen in Blackcraig.

    The Assignation is a lengthy document by James, bishop of Dunblane Dean of His Majesty’s Chapel Royal laying claim to ‘the whole bygone vacant rents, tiends, duties and casualties’ due from the parish of Balmaclellan from 1679 to 1683 in a dispute with Roger Gordon of Troqhen (Troquhain). It lists the landowners and tenants in the parish with the sums they owe. The list of names includes Robert Blyth in Ironmacannie and James Mulligan (Milligan) in Knonckon (followed by William Mulligan in Blackcraig.)

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