The Lost Alexander Peden Memorial Free Church at New Luce

A small mystery solved. The field preacher, Alexander Peden, was the minister of New Luce parish until he was ejected from his charge in 1663. In the nineteenth century, the Peden Memorial Free Church was named after him. Today, the church has disappeared. Only its bellcote remains as a monument.

Peden Memorial New LucePeden Memorial Bellcote © Billy McCrorie and licensed for reuse.

The bellcote lies up the steps opposite from where Station Road meets Main Street.

Map of Memorial          Street View Towards Site of Memorial

The exact location is best viewed on the Canmore entry by clicking on the map on that webpage. When surveyed in 2009, Canmore did not know where the Peden Memorial Free Church lay. However, it appears on the late nineteenth century OS map below.

Peden Memorial Free Church

The Peden Memorial Free Church lay a little further north along New Luce’s Main Street.

Aerial View of Former Site of Free Church

The seventeenth-century church where Peden preached still stands a little further south along Main Street.

For more on Peden’s career, see here.

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One Response to “The Lost Alexander Peden Memorial Free Church at New Luce”

  1. I am the owner of the land where the church stood, I demolished the church some 30 year ago and donated the spire to the community of New Luce

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