Winram Loses the Black Loch Covenanters at a Ford on the Clyde.

Following his pursuit of James Renwick and the Society people from the Black Loch field preaching, Lieutenant-Colonel John Winram lost their trail at Carbarns Ford on the River Clyde in Cambusnethan parish, Lanarkshire.

Map of Carbarns

Letter of John Winram to General Thomas Dalyell of Monday, 9 June, 1684.

‘At the Carbaran Ford, two miles above Hamilton, at ten o’clock in the morning.

May it please your Excellency:—I have been all night in pursuit of the rogues. I traced them from the Blackloch, where the conventicle should have been, to the moor- head. We came there about eleven o’clock, and were informed that they had taken the moors and mosses south-westward; so that we could not follow till daylight, the moors and mosses being very impassable where they went, especially for the dragoons. We traced them out of the moors and mosses, into Allanton; and from thence into Cam[bus]nethan church; and from Cam[bus]nethan church to the ford of Clyde, where I find they have passed the water, hut at present can get no further account of them. I have met with Sir John Harper [of Cambusnethan], and [Robert? Hamilton] the young Laird of Wishaw, and am now convening all the country-people about this ford, to try if I can know which way they have gone; and if I can learn it, I resolve to follow them this night more; and if not, I am resolved to come in to Glasgow with the party, who are very much fatigued. In the meantime, if your Excellence have any orders for me, I shall leave word with Sir John Harper where the party will be found. I am fully now informed, that there are four-score armed men, and the matter of twenty women, who kept together yesterday all day, and were at this ford and passed it yesternight [Sunday 8 June], at ten o’clock at night. This is all at present from your Excellence’s humble servant,
Jo. Winrhame.’
(Napier, Memorialls of Viscount Dundee, II, 395-6.)

After Winram failed to find the Society people, John Graham of Claverhouse continued the search on the other side of the Clyde.

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