Making History: The Prophet Peden Summer Challenge

Neil Oliver at Peden's Pulpit Gameshope

Summer has arrived and it is time for a good day out and a walk. Can you help solve riddles about the renowned Covenanter and man-in-the-mask, Alexander ‘Prophet’ Peden? Can you find and photograph any of five missing sites connected to Peden? Can you make history?

1. Peden’s Stone near Barr, Ayrshire.
A real mystery here. A five-foot high boulder that is missing, but is probably still there. Can you find it?

Peden’s Stone lay about ‘1½ from Barr village, there stands on a hillside, near the Lane Toll, a large whin boulder which goes under the name of Peden’s Stone, as marking the site of one of his conventicles. This stone is 5 feet in height and 15 [feet] in circumference, and looks down on the Stinchar valley in front, with Auchensoul hill on the immediate right…’

Map of approximate location at Lane Toll by Auchensoul Hill

The full story of Peden’s Stone at Auchensoul is here. Can you find and photograph Peden’s Stone?


The Peden Stone by Auchensoul Hill has probably been rediscovered by readers of this blog.

Peden's Mount
2. Peden’s Mount, near Colmonell Ayrshire.
One for the intrepid explorers who like a long walk in the country. Peden’s Mount is marked on the map, but is not photographed due to the remote location. It certainly exists.

Map of Peden’s Mount

The full story of Peden’s Mount is here. Can you find and photograph it?

Pedens Tree Sorn
3. Peden’s Tree, near Sorn in Ayrshire.
This is one of my favourites. Peden’s Tree was described a few years ago as an ‘enormous holly tree’ which stood on the ‘edge of a bluff’ on the Glenlogan estate. It was also described as ‘multi-trunked, and each trunk is of great girth. Many of them are very old indeed.’ Is it still there? Could be!

Map of Peden’s Tree

There is some doubt about the precise location of the tree, as it appears to be in slightly different locations on the old OS map and the modern OS map. Can you find out which one is right? The full story of Peden’s Tree near Sorn is here. Can you find and photograph the Peden’s Tree?

4. Peden’s Pulpit or Peden’s Point near Dalry in Ayrshire.
This one is quite a mystery. We know the site is still there and in which glen it is located, but it is not marked on the map. It sits is at the head, or top, of the Lynn Glen. Local knowledge may, or may not, be invaluable in locating the pulpit and/or point. It may be obvious when you see it. The picture of it on wikipedia is apparently not of Peden’s Pulpit or Point. Can you find and photograph Peden’s Pulpit or Point?

According to local tradition, the well-known Covenanter, Alexander Peden, is said to have preached at ‘Peden’s Pulpit’ aka. ‘Peden’s Point’, a rocky outcrop at the head of the Lynn Glen. The Caaf Water runs through the Lynn Glen to the south of Dalry.

Map of Lynn Glen at Dalry


Peden’s Pulpit has been rediscovered by a reader of this blog.

5. The Peden Stone at Mid Linthills near Lochwinnoch in Renfrewshire.
Can you find and photograph the Peden Stone at Mid Linthills? The stone is described as a ‘large gray stone’ which is now located ‘next to a dyke at the gateway to a field in the farm of Mid Linthills’.

Map of Mid Linthills

The stone still exists, but is not pinpointed on the map and no photo of it is on the web. The locals may know exactly where the stone is. For the full story of the Mid Linthills stone see here.


The Peden Stone at Linthills has been rediscovered by a reader of this blog.

Peden's Hut

6. Peden’s Hut in Straiton parish, Carrick

Alexander Peden is also supposed to have hidden at Peden’s Hut, a remote location deep in the Carrick hills and close to Galloway. For the story of Peden’s Hut see here.

it may be connected to another story about Peden in Carrick.

Peden’s Hut, now Pedens Hut, lies in Straiton parish in Carrick, Ayrshire.

Map of Pedens Hut           Aerial View of Pedens Hut

What does Peden’s Hut look like? What is there? Can you photograph where Prophet Peden hid? This one is for the hardy among you.

If you find any of these Peden sites, please let us know where they are, what you found and photograph them. You can contact me on jardinesbookofmartyrs[insert ‘at’ symbol] or post below.

Three sites remain to be found. Three challenges. Who will succeed in the Prophet Peden Summer Challenge?…

Good Luck!

~ by drmarkjardine on May 31, 2013.

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