Cameron’s Letter Before the Auchengilloch Fast in May 1680

Prior to the fast at Auchengilloch, which was held the day before the anniversary of the Rutherglen Declaration and the King’s Birthday, Richard Cameron wrote to Alexander Gordon of Earlstoun.

From the letter it appears that Cameron and Donald Cargill were still experiencing unexpected difficulties in meeting. Cameron wanted Earlstoun to confirm that he knew of ‘nothing to obstruct our appointment’ at Auchengilloch. He was keen that Earlstoun conveyed whatever information he had to him before the fast.

Letter from Richard Cameron to Alexander Gordon of Earlstoun of Saturday 22 May, 1680.

‘May 22. 1680.

Right Honourable,
I hope you’ll have me excused for not writing to you on Thursday last [20 May], for I was then perplexed for Mr. Donald[ Cargill]’s not coming, and had no time, but I met with him since: he is not to come to this country at this time. However, if you know nothing to obstruct our appointment on Friday next [28 May], I am willing, in the Lord’s strength, to keep it, and before that, if health and other things will permit[,] you. I desire to meet with your Honour upon Wednesday’s night [26 May], or Thursday’s night [27 May] at farthest. You may appoint the place, and I shall endeavour to wait upon you. If you be not able, you will write to me with the bearer, that he may be again at me once upon Wednesday [26 May].

We must go on in the strength of the Lord, whatever be the difficulties and discouragements in our way: Our Lord’s ends are well worth the pursuing, he is coming, his reward is with him, and his work, to wit, of judgment, is before him. Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, what he hath prepared for them that wait for him; yea, blessed are the eyes who shall see what he will do for the remnant that are in this land, and for his church throughout the earth. Happy are they whom he is now chastening, that he may hid[e] them from the day of evil: A large share of present sufferings is well worth the [>247.] having; for the consolations of such shall much more abound: the Lord will make our hearts glad, according to the days wherein he afflicted us, and makes us to see evil. It is the better we cannot easily win out of our afflictions.

The blessing of the Lord be upon your lady [Janet Hamilton] and children [a son and Ann Gordon], whom I salute in the Lord; as also your sister [Margaret Gordon], and other friends, both young and old, particularly David Gordon, whom I look upon to be flourishing and full of sap in old age, which is rare in this day. Referring other things till meeting. Farewell.

If you can let us meet on Wednesdays night [the 26 May], I would be content to be at your house if convenient; but the Lord will do all well.
Richard Cameron.’
(McMillan (ed.), A Collection of Letters, 246-7.)

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4 Responses to “Cameron’s Letter Before the Auchengilloch Fast in May 1680”

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  2. […] is also possible that the Old Chapel tradition refers to earlier martyrs, Richard Cameron and Donald Cargill, who both wrote to Earlstoun and to Lady Earlstoun, had stayed at Earlstoun […]

  3. […] in the company of the field preacher Donald Cargill in about May, 1680, i.e., at around the time of the Auchengilloch Fast. Afterwards, he returned, again, to his home in the north and was not present at the Sanquhar […]

  4. […] According to a letter from Cargill of 14 April, he was in hiding at Gilkerscleugh in Crawfordjohn parish, Lanarkshire, and had stayed at Earlstoun in the Glenkens. At around that time, Cargill and Cameron field preached together at Darmead next to Lanarkshire/Lothians boundary. From then on, Cargill seems to have been ‘lurking’ with Hall in the Fife and Linlithgowshire area. He certainly met with Cameron again on c.21 May and again at the Auchengilloch fast on 28 May. […]

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