The Great Frost in Scotland of 1683 to 1684

Ice on the River TayThe Frozen River Tay © I A Smellie and licensed for reuse.

In late 1683. the ‘Great Frost’ came to Scotland:

‘In the end of November, ther began with us a great frost, which continued till the end of Februar 1684, and longer, for three moneths and a halfe, with some stormes and snow now and then; so that the rivers [Tay] at Dundee, [and Forth at] Borrowstounnesse, and other places wheir the sea ebbs and flows, did freeze, which hath not been observed in the memory of any man before; and theirby the cattell, especially the sheip, ware reduced to great want of meat, that the like had not been since the winter 1674.’ (Fountainhall, Historical Observes, 116.)

~ by drmarkjardine on March 10, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Great Frost in Scotland of 1683 to 1684”

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