The Lost Tree: Peden’s Thorn at Baltersan near Maybole

Peden Thorn Baltersan
Field preachings by Alexander Peden are associated with a number of trees.

The first record of Peden’s Thorn was on Andrew Armstrong’s new map of Ayrshire in 1775. It stood on either the farm of Cultezeoun in Maybole parish, or Baltersan Mains in Kirkoswald parish, both of which are in  Carrick, Ayrshire. It possibly stood by the Cultezeon Burn which forms the parish boundary.

Map of Approximate location of Peden’s Thorn             Aerial View of Area of Peden’s Thorn

The demise of Peden’s Thorn was recorded the Reverend Roderick Lawson in 1892:

‘Until about 30 years ago [i.e., c.1862], a Thorn bush stood on Baltersan farm, near Maybole, which went by the name of Peden’s Thorn, as marking probably one of the places where he preached […]. And it is a pity that the old tree was not allowed to remain, as relics like these make a countryside dearer to those who live in it.’ (Roderick Lawson, Places of Interest About Girvan, 121-2.)

Another thorn associated with Peden was located at Denholmdean in the Borders. A Holly tree, known as Peden’s Tree, is also located at Sorn in Ayrshire.

Donald Cargill was associated with a Hawthorn tree at Torwood in Stirlingshire.

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