Peden’s Stone by Auchensoul Hill near Barr

Road to Barr from Ruin of Lane TollRoad to Barr from the Ruin at Lane Toll © Billy McCrorie and licensed for reuse.

The field preacher Alexander Peden is said to have held a conventicle at a distinctive whin stone one-and-a-half miles from the village of Barr in Barr parish, Carrick. Is Peden’s Stone still there?

The stone does not appear on old or new OS maps, but it was recorded in 1892:

‘About 6½ miles from Girvan, and 1½ from Barr village, there stands on a hillside, near the Lane Toll, a large whin boulder which goes under the name of Peden’s Stone, as marking the site of one of his conventicles. This stone is 5 feet in height and 15 [feet] in circumference, and looks down on the Stinchar valley in front, with Auchensole hill on the immediate right, and Shalloch-on-Minnoch on the remote left.’ (Roderick Lawson, Places of Interest About Girvan, 121-2.)

Lane TollRuins of Lane Toll © Billy McCrorie and licensed for reuse.

Lawson gives some pointers towards the location of the large whin boulder which is Peden’s stone.

First, the stone lay, or lies, ‘near Lane Toll;. Today, the Lane Toll is a ruin by the B734.

Map of Lane Toll        Street View of Lane Toll

Second, the distances from Barr and Girvan given by Lawson may indicate that it lay, or lies, a short way before the ruin of Lane Toll when coming from the village of Barr.

Aerial View of Approximate distance from Barr        Street View of area

Auchensoul HillTowards Auchensoul Hill © Mary and Angus Hogg and licensed for reuse.

Third, Peden’s Stone lay, or lies, in a location with Auchensoul Hill on the right.

Map of Auchensoul Hill

And with view towards the distant high hill of Shalloch on Minnoch to the east.

Map of Shalloch On Minnoch


The Peden Stone has probably been rediscovered.

Text © Copyright Dr Mark Jardine. All Rights Reserved.

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