The Banishment of Andrew Young in Eaglesham to Barbados in 1687

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Andrew Young from Eaglesham parish was probably banished to the sugar plantations on the Barbados in 1687. His father had already been banished to Carolina and his brother, William, executed.

Andrew Young was probably apprehended in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, in late 1686 or early 1687. On 23 February, 1687 he was interrogated before the earl of Linlithgow:

‘Andrew Young, apprehended at Kilbryd, tennent in Eaglescham, refuises to own the Kings authority or pray for him, and to ingage not to take up armes against him. (Signed) Linlithgow. (On the margin) Just[ices].’ (RPCS, XIII, 126-7.)

He is probably Andrew Young, the son of John Young ‘in Threpland’ in Eaglesham parish, Renfrewshire, who was declared a fugitive for rebellion and treasonable crimes in November, 1683, and listed on the published Fugitive Roll in 1684. (Jardine, ‘United Societies’, II, 202.)

Threepland lies close to the shire boundary with Lanarkshire.

Map of Threepland          Aerial View of Threepland

In 1684, his father, John ‘at Egilshame’, had probably been banished to Carolina.

There is no record of Andrew Young’s appearance before the justices, but on 13 March, 1687, the privy council ordered that reports from his appearance before the justices should be read. (RPCS, XIII, 133-4.)

There is no direct evidence that Young was banished to Barbados, but given his attitude towards royal authority, it is likely that he was. There is no further record of Young. He was probably transported with the others prisoners on Mr Croft’s ship in April , 1687. His fate in not known.

James Renwick preached near Young’s family home in late 1685.

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