The Ghost Story and the Covenanters at Peden’s Cleugh

Another Borders location traditionally connected to the field preacher Alexander Peden is Peden’s Cleuch near Southdean, Southdean parish, Roxburgh.

Peden’s Cleuch © Copyright Walter Baxter and licensed for reuse.

According to the mid nineteenth-century OS name book:

‘At the S.E. base of Heighlee Hill. A hollow, so named from Alexander Peden one of the covenanting Preachers and a celebrated Prophet having found shelter for a short time in it. has a small stream running through its whole extent.’

Map of Peden’s Cleuch

The site inspired ‘By Peden’s Cleuch’, a ghost story by Howard Pease published in Borders Ghost Stories (1919). You can read the terrifying tale here.

Peden’s Cleuch is not far from two other Peden sites at Denholm and Rubers Law.


~ by drmarkjardine on January 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Ghost Story and the Covenanters at Peden’s Cleugh”

  1. Dear Dr. Jardine,

    You are an active producer of covenanters’ topics. I will visit Edinburgh in February for some study (a phDthesis on relations between Covenanters en Dutch Nadere Reformatie).

    Kind regards,

    Leen J. van Valen

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