Peden’s Pulpit and Donald’s Cleuch near Talla Linn and Gameshope

Neil Oliver at Peden’s Pulpit

Peden’s Pulpit near Gameshope in Tweedsmuir parish, Peeblesshire, is another remote location associated with the field preaching of the Reverend Alexander Peden. It is set in a spectacular valley which leads to a second site connected to Donald Cargill. Both sites are rarely mentioned.

The precise location of the rock that is called Peden’s Pulpit is not clear. See here for a very interesting discussion on its possible site. (NT 1325 1904)

Map of Peden’s Pulpit

Gameshope © Copyright Walter Baxter and licensed for reuse.

James Renwick is also said to have preached in the area. “It will be a bloody night in Gemsop this,” is the first line of James Hogg’s novel of the Killing Times, The Brownie of Bodsbeck (1818). (William Shillinglaw Crockett, The Scott Country, 236.)

The Gameshope pulpit is also mentioned in passing by Gilbert Rae in Historic Haunts of Peeblesshire (1948).

Neil Oliver at Gameshope

For another location known by the same name, see the Peden’s Pulpit at Rubers Law.

Donald’s Cleuch © trevor willis and licensed for reuse.

The naming of nearby ‘Donald’s Cleuch’ is supposed to preserve an association with Donald Cargill.

Map of Donald’s Cleuch

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3 Responses to “Peden’s Pulpit and Donald’s Cleuch near Talla Linn and Gameshope”

  1. […] For another site named Peden’s Pulpit, see Rubers Law. […]

  2. […] The nodes where shire boundaries intersected were often used by the Society people as meeting points. Nearby sites associated with the Societies can be found at Talla Linn, which was used as a convention site, and Peden’s Pulpit in Gameshope. […]

  3. […] Donald’s Cleuch and the Peden’s Pulpit both lie nearby in Gameshope. […]

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