The Mystery of ‘Peden’s Thorn’ near Denholm in the Borders

Another mysterious Alexander Peden site is, or was, ‘Peden’s Thorn’ in Denholmdean, near Denholm in Cavers parish, Roxburgh. I can only find one reference to it in the Transactions of the Hawick Archaeological Society (1863), which suggests that it was a Hawthorn tree. The same source also mentions a ‘Wallace Thorn’ at Langlands.

Denholmdean is a wooded glen which lies to the south-west of Denholm. There is a woodland walk through the dean.

Map of Denholmdean

In the Nineteenth Century, it was a picturesque walk with footbridges and Denholmdean Cottage. Peden’s Thorn may have been a point on the walk.

The Dean Burn makes a deep cut through Denholmdean before it reaches the Teviot © Richard Webb and licensed for reuse.

Any information on Peden’s Thorn in Denholmdean or images of the dean would be very welcome. If you know anything about the tree, please get in touch, either via a comment, or via my email address in the ‘About Dr Jardine’ section on the right.

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