Alexander Peden’s Mount


This is one Alexander Peden site for intrepid explorers and preachers. Peden’s Mount lies close to the Water of Tig between Wheeb and Glenour in the remotest reaches of Colmonell parish, Ayrshire.

Map of Peden’s Mount

In 1855 the Ordnance Survey Name Book described it as:

‘A small rocky eminence said to have been the preaching place of “the prophet Peden” (ie Rev Alexander Peden, 1626-1686)’. (OS Name Book 1855.)

In 1955 the OS visited again:

‘A spit of rock protruding into the Water of Tig. No evidence of any artificial construction.
Visited by OS (JLD) 26 October 1955.’

Details can be found on the Canmore Website.

Peden’s Mount is connected to a story about Peden and the laird of Glenour.

Further information and photos on Peden’s Mount would be very welcome. The highest praise will follow for anyone who makes it to this site!

~ by drmarkjardine on January 15, 2012.

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