Peden’s Cave in Craigie parish, Ayrshire

According to tradition, the Covenanter Alexander Peden is said to have sheltered in Peden’s Cave, to the north of Craigie in Craigie parish, Ayrshire. The cave has been described as ‘two inclined boulders forming an entirely fortuitous shelter’. It was first recorded in 1856:

Peden's Cave Craigie

‘Peden’s Cave: A natural feature, formed by two rocks, said to have been a hiding place of the Rev. A. Peden, the noted Covenanter.’ (OS Name Book 1856.)

The above information comes from the Canmore website which lists the cave and gives a precise location.

Craigie lies to the south of Kilmarnock.

Map of Peden’s Cave near Craigie

~ by drmarkjardine on January 14, 2012.

5 Responses to “Peden’s Cave in Craigie parish, Ayrshire”

  1. I’ve been to the stone but unfortunately I don’t have a photograph. If you can get in contact with Dane Love I’m pretty sure that he mentions the stones and has photographs in two of his books, The Covenanter Encyclopaedia and Legendary Ayrshire. I hope that helps in some small way.

  2. Hi Mark
    Just came across your site whilst browsing. Too much to sit and look through at one sitting.
    However, I’ve got a picture of the ‘cave’ and will send it to you separately. You can add it to the site if you wish. It’s my son sitting in the hideout.
    The OS map is accurate in showing the site.
    Dane Love

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  4. […] Peden’s Cave in Craigie parish […]

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