Alexander Peden’s Pulpit or Peden’s Point near Dalry in Ayrshire

According to local tradition, the well-known Covenanter, Alexander Peden, is said to have preached at ‘Peden’s Pulpit’ aka. ‘Peden’s Point’, a rocky outcrop at the head of the Lynn Glen. The Caaf Water runs through the Lynn Glen to the south of Dalry in Dalry parish, Ayrshire.

It is also known as Pinnoch Point.

Map of Lynn Glen

This site has been found and photographed foor all to see. See also here.


~ by drmarkjardine on January 14, 2012.

6 Responses to “Alexander Peden’s Pulpit or Peden’s Point near Dalry in Ayrshire”

  1. This is not pedens point.l sat on pedens point,Lynn glen every week for eighteen years .someone got the rock grandmother born 1905 used to take me there as did my mum and uncle born 1928 & 1936.

    • Hi, excellent information. Will delete the picture. Where is Peden’s point in the glen? A description, or pointers to it, would help others to locate it.

      Thanks for taking the time to correct the image.


  2. Correct – this isn’t Peden’s Point. This is a rock in the Lynn Glen downstream from the Point. The Point is a rock outcrop with a natural amphitheatre below it where Peden is alleged to have preached. I lived close to it and climbed it as a boy…

    • Hi, thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I do strive to be accurate. Could you help me to pin point it more precisely on the map? An image would be really useful, if you have one. My email in in the about section.

      Thanks for taking the time to confirm the previous post.


  3. […] Peden is also alleged to have preached in Dalry parish. If anyone knows where that site is, or where the claim that Peden preached there comes from, […]

  4. […] Neil photographed the site after I appealed for information on it in the Prophet Peden Summer Challenge, a list of “lost”, very obscure or ‘un-photographed’ sites linked to Peden. At that time, the site was said to lie somewhere in the Lynn Glen. […]

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